Friday, January 17, 2014

Internet ADD aka Online Procrastination

The Internet is a wonderful thing. There are so many interesting things that you can find online... There is a wealth of information readily available at your fingertips. Most days, I feel like I live online. I do a lot of work online... but I also waste a lot of time online too.

I suffer from Internet Attention Deficit Disorder... I like to call it, iADD. I sit down with one goal in mind, and before I know it, I have started doing fifteen other things, and the task that I started out to do has not been completed. For example, yesterday, I sat down to write my blog post about being a church kid and a church adult. Before I knew it, I was on the church website, on the church Facebook page, on YouTube watching videos that had nothing to do with church, checking my email, checking JWA email, posting on a Facebook group... and then it was time for a meeting, and my blog post had not yet been finished.

Here are the top 5 things that contribute to my iADD:

  1. Facebook - I love Facebook to death, but it is the biggest time suck ever. There is just so much to do on there. Pretty pictures... and videos... and links to explore... Not to mention, the addicting games and groups... and the notifications that must be checked as soon as they arrive... 
  2. YouTube - For me, this one has become huge lately. Why do I care what some young 20 something in California is doing all day long? Why am I watching videos about Natural Mamas who eat their placenta? Why, just why? Because it is there... and it must be watched... Darn those suggested videos and their catchy titles. HOURS that I can never get back have been wasted watching pointless videos made by people who are making thousands of dollars from YouTube videos that I don't even care about... 
  3. Pinterest - This one has gotten a little bit better for me as of late. I used to spend hours at a time scouring through pins and creating boards of things that I will never use. I have thousands of pins and people are always adding more... What I have started doing, is only opening Pinterest when I am looking for something specific. It has become like Google for me... If I'm planning a party or something like that, I open it up and look for ideas. Some days, I still waste time looking for hair ideas that I will never be able to recreate or food that I know I won't ever attempt to make. 
  4. Blogs - I have this crazy of habit... when I find a new blog, and I've read a couple of posts that I like, I will go into their archives and read the posts in chronological order. So, I go back to the beginning and read all of the posts... many of which contains links, and then I'm stuck in this vicious cycle where I'm clicking on links and reading all the things that are to be read. I jump from blog to blog, and sometimes even go back and read my own old posts... 
  5. Wikipedia- Maybe I'm just a nerd, but I can (and have been known to) spend hours on Wikipedia, looking up useless information. Usually, this happens when I am reading something else or watching a video and something strikes my attention and I feel the need to look up more information about it. No one ever read the encyclopedia as much as I read Wikipedia. 
In the time that it has taken me to write all of this out, I have posted a Facebook status... Shared a photo on Facebook... done a few google searches... checked school email, checked Blackboard for school... replied to some comments... checked Pinterest a couple of time... and I currently have 7 tabs open in Chrome. I need help. 

Do you suffer from iADD? Should we start a support group? Would we ever get anything done? 

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  1. OMG I totally agree with this ENTIRE post. I need rehab!! hahaha


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