Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tupperware Diamond Jubilee Recap: Part 1 - What I Wore

It is so hard to try to write a recap post of the amazing three days that I had at Tupperware's Jubilee. The whole event was packed full of wonderful moments that were inspirational, motivational and educational. I will write more about that tomorrow.

I'm not a fashion blogger by any means. In reality, I suck at a lot of things that fashion bloggers are good at... but I was really 'proud' of my Jubilee outfit choices, so I thought I would share them with you.

When you're going to a conference like this, it is really important to be comfortable. We did a lot of walking in the hotel, so comfortable shoes were a must. I didn't pack anything but flats, and most of those were dressy flip flops.

On the first day, our Director wanted all of us to wear all white. I'm really pale, so I don't normally wear all white, but I did get a spray tan before I left, so I wasn't too worried about that. I lucked up and found a white shirt that has rhinestone accents (Diamond Jubilee, after all). I paired it with a pair of white shorts that I already owned.
You'll have to excuse the crappy mirror shot... and this was at the end of the day, so they weren't that wrinkled when I put them on! 

That night was our Diamonds are Forever Gala Night, and I went formal. This picture isn't the best either, but it will work. I'd picked out a different dress to wear, but there's a long story behind it, so I just went with a navy formal dress that I had, and wore a lot of bling accessories with it.  It is very long in the picture because I didn't wear heals... again, comfortable flip flops. The Gala ended up being about 5 hours long, so comfort was necessary.  
How pretty is that fountain?!

Friday was training day. A day of workshops. "Business Casual" dress code. I chose this black and white skirt with a red top. That seemed to be a popular color combination that day. 
I love this outfit. So comfortable. The maxi skirt feels like pajamas, for real. I had lots of black sparkly accessories too. My headband has a red bow on it. It's hard to see in this picture. See all those ribbons, I'm wearing? Recognition for a job well done! 

Friday night was "Bling It On Fun Night." Our Organization had matching t-shirts. I wore black capris and dressy flip flops, and as much bling as I could. 

Again, this picture was at the end of the night... right before I hit the bar and hung out with some awesome people that I'd never met before. 

I didn't get a picture of Saturday's outfit... a simple black maxi dress with rinestones and gems around the waist, worn with a purple scarf that our Organization has. 

Jubilee was such a fun time... I hope that tomorrow's post will even do it justice. 

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  1. Such fun outfits. I love the red top and black and white skirt!! The rhinestone white top also is super cute.

  2. I LOVE the red top/black & white shirt. You look great. :)


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