Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend of Babies

I don't normally start off my blogging week by doing a weekend recap, but this weekend was jam packed with stuff, so I figured this one would a good one to blog about.  I titled this post the "Weekend of Babies" because that's what it felt like to me... lots of little ones. I'm kind of lumping July 4th in with this weekend as well, since this was an extra long weekend because of the holiday. 

1: Look at all those kids... they were all at our family 4th of July cookout. For three of them, it was their first 4th of July. All of the kids are 3 and under. Our family has had quite a baby boom since 2010. (Hence, all of the baby showers I have been planning.) The top row are Miranda and Derek's kids. The twins are three and the third girl is 1. (Fun fact, all of them have the same birthday, the last one was born exactly 2 years after her sisters.) This was a special time for them to be with us, because in about a month, they will be moving to California. Those kids in the middle, Maggie and Parker, have been seen a lot on the blog... I can't believe that Parker is 3 now, and that Maggie will soon turn 1. This auntie wishes that time would slow down just a little bit. On the bottom row are my cousins' kids, Reagan (1), Easton (6 months) and Landon (4 months). What a great looking group of kids! 

2: We found out last Wednesday, that Megan would be induced on Saturday night. Since her husband is a Marine, she had to deliver in the Naval Hospital on Camp Lejune in Jacksonville. On Saturday, Megan dropped Reagan off to stay with my mom while she was in the hospital. I spent a lot of time with Reagan this weekend, talking to her about her new little brother. Since she just turned 1, she probably didn't understand what all was happening. 

3: Since Reagan was staying with Mama, I stayed to help. Mama normally keeps Parker and Maggie on Saturdays while my sister is at work. So, she would have 3 kids to look after, and that is a handful! We spent the day trying to entertain them. After Parker gave each girl a ride in his 4 wheeler. we all took a ride on the golf cart to the pond to see the ducks. 

4: Sunday afternoon, after church, we loaded up the car with just the girls, and headed down to Jacksonville to see Megan and the new baby. Traveling almost 2 hours, with 2 little ones, was very interesting. Reagan and Maggie got along well with each other. My sister caught them holding hands once. These two should grow up to be good friends... They are only about 5 weeks apart in age. 

5: Once we finally got to Jacksonville, we were able to meet this little fella... Justin Scott was born on Sunday at 11:52 am. He is tiny and precious, just like all new babies are. I'm sure he will fit right in with this bunch. He does help even out the boy/girl ratio a little... We're up to 5 girls and 4 boys. 

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