Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thirty before 30

Today, I am revealing my Thirty before 30 list. I know that I have tried similar lists before, and failed (ahem... 27 before 27, anyone?)... but this time, I am giving myself more time. Even though I am revealing the list today, I am setting my start date as July 28. I will turn 30 on May 28, 2015. That will give me 22 months to complete all of the things on my list. 

This time, I thought about things that I really needed and wanted to complete. Some of them are spill overs from my failed list last year, and some of them are completely new. This time I have categorized them so that I can keep track of them better. I'm really excited about the things that I have on my list. Some of them will be super hard to complete. and some of them will be a lot of fun.  I also thought that today, I would give you a little bit of insight as to why I added these things to my list. 


  1. Graduate from College and get a Teaching job -- If this one isn't checked off by the time I'm 30, I will seriously have a conniption. 
  2. Promote to Tupperware Director -- This is something that I've been working on for a while now, and I'm just not getting there. I really hope that it is something that I can accomplish, sooner, rather than later. 


  1. Lose (at least) 50 pounds -- I can stand to lose a lot more, but I'm starting with this goal for now. If I hit it, I will increase this number. I've got to get serious about my weight for a number of reasons... mostly because I want to slim down. 
  2. Quit Smoking -- this nasty habit has gone on long enough. It is getting more costly, and I just need to stop. 
  3. Complete a 5K -- I don't want to be the fastest runner, but I just want to finish. 
  4. Go a whole month without eating any fast food -- Remember when I said some of these would be extremely hard to do? This one is going to be very very hard. I eat so much fast food now, it is ridiculous. Its easy, convenient, and readily available. Greenville has been listed as one of the top markets for fast food in the past, and everywhere you turn, there is another fast food joint, or 4 staring you in the face.  I need to cut back on this in general, so I really want to go a whole month without any. 
  5. Try 10 foods that I've never tried before -- This one should not be too hard. I'm a very picky eater, and the things that I eat are very limited. It's time to branch out a little. 


  1. Make at least 5 Quilts (including one for Parker and Maggie) -- This one I am super excited about. I've gotten into the whole quilting thing a lot more lately, and I can't wait to get started. I already have plans for like 4 of these. I may end up doing more than 5. 
  2. Take the Wilton Cake Decorating Class -- This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. I've dabbled a little bit in cake decorating before, but I really want to go through the actual course. My mom and my Aunt are also interested in this, so maybe its something that we can do together. 
  3. Make or do at least 20 things that I've pinned on Pinterest  -- I have a little bit of an obesession with Pinterest. Currently, my boards have over 2300 pins... Instead of them just sitting there, I want to make a conscious effort to actually do more of them. It can be things that aren't crafty... but it must be inspired by Pinterest. Recipes do not count. 


  1. Watch at least 10 movies, made in the 1980s, that I haven't seen before -- I'm that person that if it was made before I was born, I probably haven't seen it... This shouldn't be hard to do, since there are so many that I haven't seen... Pretty in Pink? Nope. The Goonies? Nope. The Breakfast Club? Nope... the list goes on... 
  2. Watch the entire Sex and the City series in order (including both movies) -- This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. It was on my list last time, and I just never got around to it. I actually own all of the seasons and both movies on DVD, so its just a matter of doing it. 
  3. Read 50 books (including 5 classics and 10 nonfiction) -- I need to make more time for reading. I love to read, but I often push it to the back burner. I included the stipulation of 5 classics and 10 nonfiction, because I need to read stuff other than just romance novels. 
  4. Go to a Concert -- Concerts have never been something I've been to a lot. There are a lot of people that I'd love to see live, but I just haven't been. People that I know just aren't concert goers. I kept it general, so that any concert can count. 
  5. Visit a museum -- I love history, but I haven't been to a museum in years. NC has some awesome museums to visit.. a lot of them are small and capture local history. It doesn't matter what kind I visit, I just want to visit at least one. 
  6. Tour 5 NC Wineries -- I love NC Wines. Last year, I visited Hinnant Family Vineyards, but I want to visit 5 more in our state. There are over 100 wineries in our state, so finding 5 shouldn't be hard! 


  1. Blog every day for a whole month (including weekends) -- I hope to do this more than just 1 month, but we'll start with 1. I need to be more consistent in my blogging, and hopefully this challenge will help me. 
  2. Write an Alphabibliography-- This is something that I started way back when, but I want to start over and complete it this time. This list item is inspired by a book that I had to read for one of my classes this summer, where the character was given this assignment by his teacher. You basically pick one word that begins with each letter of the alphabet and write about its significance to you. 


  1. Organize my office -- I keep saying that if I organize my office, that the rest of my house will be easier to organize. That is mostly true. My office/3rd bedroom is a disaster, and no work gets done in there. This will be my office/craft/sewing room. The before pictures will not be pretty... but hopefully the afters will a nice, organized space that leads to productivity. 
  2. Organize my closet -- I need to go through my closet and get rid of clothes that I do not wear anymore, and organize the clothes that I keep. I have way too many clothes. 
  3. Organize my pantry with Tupperware Modular Mates -- This is partly done, and partly not. Somethings are in Modulars, and a lot of stuff isn't. I need to completely go through my pantry and reorganize it. I love Modular Mates and sell a lot of them, and its time to finally put into practice what I preach. 

For Others

  1. Direct the Christmas Play at Church -- I've been a lot more involved in church lately. This year I directed Vacation Bible School, but directing the Christmas Play is something that I've been lead to do lately. I really want to direct the play for 5th grade and under. I've been looking at ideas online already, and have some ideas of my own. 
  2. Mail out Christmas Cards by December 1 -- I'm horrible about mailing out my cards. Last year, I had them addressed and everything, and forgot to mail them out. Sometimes they arrive after Christmas. I need to do them earlier! 
  3. 10 Random Acts of Kindness -- I always love hearing stories about people performing Random Acts of Kindness, and I want to do the same... these won't be predetermined, because they are, well, random. It can be anything that makes someone's day a little brighter. 
  4. Mail 20 cards (not including Christmas cards) -- I love getting cards in the mail. I need to be better about sending them. They can be anything... birthday cards, get well cards, thinking of you cards... just anything to show people that they are on my mind. 

Personal / Random

  1. Sing Karaoke -- I love to sing. Most of the time, its karaoke in my living room. I've sang karaoke in public before, but it has been a long time. 
  2. Have a Girl's Night with my Sister -- My sister and I don't spend enough time together. We need to have a girls night, to give us some bonding time, and to give her a break from the kids. 
  3. Try 20 New Recipes --  I have a ton of recipes pinned on Pinterest. I love to cook, but don't do it enough. If I'm going to give up Fast Food for a month, and try foods I've never tried before, I will need some new recipes to try out. 
  4. Go on a picnic  -- This is just something I want to do...Grab a blanket, a basket of food, and have a picnic... preferably by a lake or pond. 
  5. Take a day trip, alone, to the beach -- I'm not much of a beach person. Though I only live about an hour and a half away, I can't remember the last time that I've been. I just want to take a day and drive to the beach, sit there alone, watching and listening to the waves, maybe reading a good book... just take some time for myself and relax. 
There you have it... a list of 30 things that I want to complete in the next 22 months. I think that there is a good mix of the categories, and I really feel like I can complete all of these. I will be blogging about my progress on the list as well. That is kind of an unwritten #31. My plan is to dedicate the post on the 28th of each month to update my progress on the whole list... but as I complete things, I will write posts about them. 

Do you have a list of goals that you want to complete by a certain time? I'd love to see your lists. I looked online for a lot of inspiration while I was creating my list. A lot of bloggers do this, and its always interesting to see what goals people set for themselves. 

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  1. Love it -- great list. I might have to "borrow" some for my next list (if I ever start working on the one I have now...)

  2. These are great!! Good luck to you! You should definitely take video of the karaoke ;)

  3. I totally understand you with the promoting to director (I'm a Pampered Chef consultant) it's pretty difficult!! OMG you haven't seen Goonies or Breakfast Club?!?! Go out and rent them now!! Obviously I love the museum one too :)

  4. I love your list!! I feel like I would need to start now to accomplish all of those, ie. Im 24 lol.

    cant wait to see you go through your journey.

  5. I have tired and failed at so many of these lists. BUT, your post as me feeling inspired! I am going to be 30 in 6 months (well, slightly less) and I am going to try and follow your lead and get 30 new things done! it books, recipes, experiences, etc. :)



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