Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Campus Book Rentals - Cheaper Textbooks!

In a few short weeks, thousands of college students will be returning to campuses across the country. In the days before classes start, once they've settled into their new dorm rooms, they will be making a trip to the bookstore to purchase textbooks... I've been in college forever... so I know a thing or two about textbooks. Aside from tuition, textbooks are the biggest expense of going to college. I always seem to take that class with that professor that just has to use the newest edition of a book, meaning that there are no used copies available. Even if there is a used edition, it can still be expensive. Seriously, one of my books for this summer session was over $80, used,

After the semester is over, students make a bee line to the bookstore to sell back their books, hoping to recoup some of the money they've spent on books that they hardly used. Most of the time, they walk away feeling like they've been robbed. I've had the bookstore tell me they can only pay me $2 for a book that I just spent $50 on 4 months earlier. Book values must seriously decline rapidly...

However, now there is another option for students. Textbook rentals are becoming more and more popular. One of the first companies to offer textbook rentals was Campus Book Rentals (CBR). I was recently introduced to the company, and when I started looking at their prices, I was sick! They are so much cheaper than the bookstore! Living in a college town, I have a couple of options for purchasing my textbooks locally, but none of their prices compare to CBR!

Not only do you save 40-90% on the price of the books, but the shipping is free... both ways! You can also choose how long you need the book. They offer standard rental periods, but you also have the option of setting your own return date. It really could not be more simple!.

In case you need more info, here's a video that explains the process:

The best part? Yes, it does get better... For every textbook that is rented, they donate to Operation Smile. I love companies that have charitable components built into their business model.

Have textbooks that you didn't sell back to the store? CBR is now offering a new program called RentBack. This is the opportunity for them to rent your textbooks to other students, and you get paid every time it's rented. The bookstore only offered you $20 for your book? Rent Back could earn you $40 to $80... that's right...2 - 4 times as much as selling your book back to the bookstore. They make this process super simple too.

I will definitely be utilizing Rent Back in the near future.

So are you heading back to school in the fall?  Know someone who is just starting? Share this post with them and help them save some serious money!

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