Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 Girlie Girl Things That I'm Bad At...

At times, I can be a total girlie girl. Most of the time, I am not. I'm not anywhere near being a 'tomboy' but on any typical day, I am just simple and natural. Perhaps the main reason for this is that I suck at most things that your typical 'girlie girl' is good at. Here are 5 things that I just can't seem to get the hang of... 

Doing My Hair

When it came to the hair styling abilities in our family, my sister got all of them. I always see such cute ideas for doing your hair on Pinterest, and I've watched countless Youtube hair tutorials, but when it comes time to do them, I can never get it quite right. A ponytail, or a bun is about as good as it gets for me... and even the buns aren't perfect. I own a flat iron, but it rarely gets used. Braiding? Forget it. When I want to jazz up my boring hair, I add bows, headbands or ribbon... recently, I have started doing this fan bun thing, that seems to be working for now. 

Painting My Nails

If my nails are ever done, it is by a professional, and usually for a special event. If I ever paint my nails, they look horrible. I'm not one for a lot of color on my nails, anyway. Usually when I get them done, I get a French manicure or something similar. I'm a nail biter, so if I did have them painted, the polish wouldn't last, because I would bite it. 99% of the time, my nails look like this... 
Toenails are another story... I like having them painted... I love a bright color, especially since I live in flip flops most of the year. I'm bad at painting them myself, so I usually have my sister do it, or just get them painted during a manicure. 

Wearing Makeup

Wearing makeup has never been a priority of mine. I never begged my mom to buy it for me or to let me wear it as a young girl. I would wear it every now and again... but it has never been an every day thing. Until recently, it was only reserved for special events, and again, someone else always did it for me. I've dabbled in it a little more lately, but you won't see me posting tutorials anytime soon. Even if I did wear makeup on the regular, I would never wear lipstick or lip gloss... I hate having anything on my lips. 

Walking in Heels

This one is more out of necessity rather than choice. I would love to wear sexy heels that make me 5 or 6 inches taller, but that just ain't happening. There have been times when I've worn heels, but it just never feels right because I'm so fat... I feel like an elephant walking on stilts. The other reason is that if I wear heels for an extended period of time, they hurt my feet extremely bad. I have a stress fracture in my left foot that really never goes away. Last year, I was in a boot for like 3 months, and it didn't help much at all... so wearing heels, especially tall ones is out of the question. On occasion, I will wear a smaller heel, and I can tolerate wedges, but mostly, I stick to flats. 


This one, I have actually been working on. I've started wearing scarves, and more jewelry, but I'm still not great at it. I don't own a lot of funky accessories. I actually have little desire to buy a bauble necklace or anything like that. I have simple tastes when it comes to jewelry. A little bling here and there, a lot of silver, some black and white, but nothing way over the top. I have one ring that I wear everyday. I often forget to put on earrings... for months at a time. As mentioned above, I do hair accessories often, but other than that, there is room for improvement. 

I'm all girl, and sometimes, when I have somewhere to go, and all the stars align, I get my hair, makeup and nails done, put on a pair of heels with a cute dress, add some jewelry and have a night out on the town. Those events don't happen often, but I love when they do. I love getting dressed up, and dolled up once in a while... but on an every day basis, I am probably one of the most low maintenance girls that you will meet. 

What girlie girl things do you suck at? 



  1. I suck at painting my own nails, too. Toes I can do, fingers, not so much! And I didn't get into make up and clothes until college. I was a delayed girly girl. I still am happiest in jeans and a tshirt though!! OH - and heels are out. I mean really. Whose idea was that?! Keep working it girl!

  2. I suck at nails and fashion in general so I hear you on all these points.


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