Saturday, April 6, 2013

About to Pop Baby Shower Part 5: Games and Prizes

This is the long awaited last installment in the About to Pop Baby Shower series.  I started blogging about this months ago, and really only planned for it to take a week... but we know how that goes.  In this post, I want to share the games that we played and the prizes.  

Here, a lot of baby showers are floating, and I'd honestly never been to a shower where games were played.  I knew that I wanted this shower to be fun, since it was only a few close friends and family. Of course, the games had to relate to the theme.  We played a total of 4 games: 

Baby Pop Culture Game
For this game, I created a list of questions from Pop Culture about babies, songs or movies with the word "Baby" in them, etc.  I had each question printed on a sheet of paper and read the question aloud.  The first person to answer correctly, got the paper with the question on it.  After all 10 were answered, the person who had the most questions correct, got a prize. 

You can download the questions that I used here. (I realized that I don't have the answers on that file, but if you need a certain answer, just let me know.) This is easy to change and add more questions as well.  You just have to do a little research.  It is really fun if you have a lot of people who are Pop Culture Junkies. 

How Big Is Mommy's Belly? 
This is kind of a traditional game played at baby showers... but instead of using ribbon or toilet paper, I decided that guests would blow up balloons to measure against Stephanie's belly. Each person was given a balloon, which they blew up how ever big they thought her belly way.  Then, we took each one and measured. The person with the closest balloon size won a prize. 

Pop Quiz
I created a "Pop Quiz" with questions about Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother.  I had a copy for each person, and after they answered the questions, whoever got the most right, was the winner.  My mom kind of had an unfair advantage, so she gave the prize to another person. 

You can see the Pop Quiz that I created here.  You will have to recreate it with your own questions. 

Pop the Balloon
Remember those balloons from the earlier game? Well, we used them for this game too.  I gave each person a piece of ribbon, and had them tie the balloon to their ankle.  They all stood up and tried to pop each other's balloons.  The person whose balloon wasn't popped, was the winner. 

The Prizes
I did simple, food prizes because who doesn't like food?! And who wants some hokey picture frame or something like that?  

Since I had 4 games, I needed 4 prizes.  I decided to do 2 versions, and just do 2 each of them.  For the first one, I picked up some Kettle Corn and Tootsie Pop Drop candy from the Dollar Tree.  Put it in a gift bag with pretty tissue, and voilà... nice prize. 

For the 2nd prize, I created "Blow Pop Boquets" and put one of them in each gift bag.  To make these, I found cute ice cream bowls at the Dollar Tree, and wrapped a styrofoam ball in tissue paper.  I stuck Blow Pops in them.  I used some giant blow pops, as well as regular sized ones. 

Everyone loved playing the games, and it was really fun.  It really tied the whole "About to Pop" theme together.  

This concludes the About to Pop posts (finally!)  If you have any questions about anything that I've posted about this shower, please feel free to comment or to send me an email


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