Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to Greenville, North Carolina

Yesterday, Ashley at Wannabe Green and Heather at From Here to There started a blog hop called "Home Town Hop."  I've been meaning to write about Greenville for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

On Facebook, my hometown is listed as "Fountain, NC." Technically, that is where I grew up.  My address was Fountain, but I went to school in Falkland and Farmville (yes, a real town, not a Facebook game!).  I had a Greenville telephone number and our water came from Bell Arthur. You can probably imagine, that I grew up in pretty much the middle of nowhere.  So, when people ask me where I'm from, I usually say Greenville.  That is the 'biggest' city that is close to where I am from, and it is the county seat of Pitt County, which is really, where I'm from.

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Welcome to Greenville, North Carolina. We are a moderate sized town in the Eastern part of North Carolina.  We are about an hour east of the state capital, Raleigh, and about 2 hours from the beaches on the coast. We're right a long the Tar River, which is probably one of the reasons that our town was formed.

Greenville is the home of the East Carolina University Pirates! If there is one thing that Greenville is known for, it is probably ECU.  Greenville is truly a "college town."  I think that its safe to say that without the University, and the Hospital, Greenville would be just a small rural town like those that surround it. Here, ECU is a BIG deal! When you plop a University with around 30,000 students, plus faculty and staff into a tiny town, of course it is going to be a big deal.

Main Campus is close to the Downtown (or Uptown, as they like to call it) area.  It is beautiful, with a mixture of old and new buildings.  ECU is over 100 years old, and began as a Teacher's College.  Sports are huge here, especially Football. Pirate Nation, as it is called, comes out in full force every Fall.

Another big thing here, that is related to the University is our Medical Campus. Vidant Medical Center is considered a Teaching Hospital, as it works closely with the ECU Brody School of Medicine. It is one of 4 academic medical centers in North Carolina. 

Another nickname for Greenville is "Protwon" for the BMX Community.  Dave Mirra moved here and built up the community, and now there are over 20 Professional BMX Riders here. 

Fun Fact: The original Hardee's opened in Greenville in 1960. 

This is just scratching the surface of Greenville.  There are so many things always going on here. Some times, I love living here, and some times, I can't wait to leave. 


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  1. I'd been wondering where ECU was. I kept asking my husband and his response was "in eastern carolina." Thank you-I never would have guessed that. Greenville sounds like my college town. A city in the middle of nowhere that they stick a college in that would probably be pretty dead if not for the college.


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