Friday, March 8, 2013

Pits & Peaks - Vloggy Style


Again, this week, I am linking up with Allie from Tales of a Twenty Something and Brin from Bold Butter Baby for Pit & Peak.  This week, they decided to do vlogs for the link up, so I decided to play along. 

Excuse the nasty hair... and the many times that I say "um" and the times that I touch my face and the times I roll my eyes. As I state in the video, I've been feeling like crap this week... so you'll just have to take what you get! This video also lives up to the name of my blog... because I ramble... did not intend for it to be 7 minutes long! 

What were your Pits & Peaks this week? 


  1. Hey girl,

    I feel you on the depression. It's really bad for me in the winter. Also your hair looks beautiful!

    xoxo Brin

  2. It never fails that mine is worse in the winter. If that is beautiful hair, I'd hate to see what you'd say on a good hair day :) Thanks for stopping by and for hosting a fun link up!

  3. Hey there lady! I just found your blog through Allie. I am obsessed with her too! :) Love your vlog!!

    Newest follower :)

  4. She is pretty great! Thanks for stopping by and for following!


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