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Couples on Facebook

I've made it no secret around here that I'm single. Sometimes, I am okay with that, and other times, it is a struggle. With that being said, I do not want this post to come off as some bitter single girl who is hating on Facebook couples. I'm sure someone will take it that way, and if they do, whatever.  If this offends anyone, I'm sorry... but this post is merely my observation and reaction to the way some couples behave on Facebook.  This is an outsider's view, and maybe it will give you something to think about. 

Let's start with my BIGGEST Facebook Couples pet peeve... The Shared Profile. I've been noticing a lot more couples with shared Facebook profiles lately.  That's really what sparked this post for me.  You've all seen the 'creative' ways that they have their names lumped together... JohnNJane Doe or JohnandJane Doe or John Doe-Jane Doe... or just John and Jane... Last week, I was checking Facebook on my phone and saw another "We now have a shared profile!" status update, and I rolled my eyes.  As I was driving for the next hour, I thought about why this really irks my nerves. Here's why: 
  • You are your own person. Yes, I know that when you are in a relationship that you change, but I never hope to change so much that I cannot think for myself or have my own friends and interests outside of the relationship. Yes, I know that even The Bible says that "two will become one," but at the end of the day, you are still your own person. Some people are taking the whole "two becoming one" thing a little too far.  
  • Facebook profiles were created for individual use.  Wanna question that?  Click Here for Facebook's official stance on it. 
  • It screams "We have trust issues!" It makes people think that you have to know everything that your spouse or significant other says to anyone else.  Can't trust the messages they are sending other people? Want to make sure they aren't going to cheat?  Just get a joint account and all of that will be solved... When I started writing this post, I googled "Couples that share Facebook Accounts" and came across this little gem... Profiles For Couples - This page gives people step by step instructions on how to create a joint page (not really hard for anyone who knows how to use FB), and the most of the comments are overly positive   One of them said "Would be great to have "Profile for Couples." The today show reported 1 in 5 divorces now blamed on facebook. Why not create a much needed couples page to help deter this."  Really? If you think that by sharing a Facebook page your spouse isn't going to find a way to cheat on you, then you must be living under some rock... people were cheating LONG before the invention of Facebook. 
  • It is confusing for friends of the Lovebirds... We never know whose birthday it really is... We don't know who is commenting on our status updates unless you tell us. We don't know who is online so that we can chat with them. I can be friends with one person in the couple and not be friends with the other.  I know some women that have asshats for husbands.  I don't want to be friends with asshats. 
  • It makes you look like you are talking to yourself when you comment on your own status.  Here's an example.  I took this screen shot from a couple who shares a profile on my friends' list. Of course, I replaced their picture and their name.

Looks ridiculous, right? Horrible grammar aside. 

Another thing that annoys me about some couples on Facebook is the super lovey dovey displays of affection.  It is one thing to write a post every once in a while saying "I love you" or "You are my world," but we don't need to see that stuff every freaking day. Seriously, it gets old, and after a while starts looking 'fake.' We also don't need to know what you are doing to each other, and when you are doing it... if you catch my drift.  And for the love of all things Holy, please refrain from checking in with each other "in bed!"

On the flip side of that, keep the drama off my news feed please... I like drama when I am watching it on The Young and the Restless, but there have been times, when I could have provided the writers with much better story lines just from the posts on my Facebook feed. Arguing? Fighting? Cheating?  Don't air that dirty laundry for the world to see! If your relationship is so bad that you need to rant about it, get off Facebook, and make an appointment with a marriage counselor, stat.

What other things have you seen from couples on Facebook that annoy you?

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  1. I don't think you sound bitter. I'm married and I agree. I HATE the lovey-dovey comments ALL THE TIME the most. I have a few friends who are like that and to me it looks like they're trying too hard. It's like they have to prove to everyone how "in love" they are. I don't need to pour out my feelings to my hubby on Facebook. I live with him. I can tell him in person!

  2. Exactly! I'm glad that even married people can relate to what I'm talking about here!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog through Monday Mingling. I was checking it out and found this post. I thought it was cute and summed up how I feel about it to. I find the people posting lovey dovey messages are the same ones breaking up every other week.

    My boyfriend and I refrain from airing our dirty laundry on Facebook, but his sister in the past has felt the need to do it for us. Inappropriate on so many levels! It's probably no surprise she was the first person I ever "unfriended".

  4. Thanks for stopping by from Monday Mingling! You are so right that the ones breaking up all the time are the one that act the most like they have something to prove! Good move unfriending the nosy sister!


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