Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Single Girl's Inbox

Time for another glimpse into my online dating site inbox. Normally, I cover up the username, but this one was gem, so I decided not to...  He obviously is very precise when it comes to what kind of woman he wants. I used to have a disclaimer on my profile that said I was not into black men. I got a lot of flack for it, and was called racist several times. I'm not racist, its just a preference thing... the same as some men prefer to date twigs skinny girls.  The disclaimer did not stop black men from messaging me, so I just removed it.

You're gonna have to click on this one to make it bigger, because as you can see, it is a huge block of text, but it was too bad good to not include the whole thing.

I underlined some of my favorite parts. He said that this is a brief introduction of himself. When I opened my  messages and was greeted with this wall of words, the adjective 'brief' did not come to mind.  This is more like "all of the answers to all of the questions you could ask in a first conversation."

He also says that he trusts me with his phone number.  Keep in mind this is the very first message that this person sent me. Who trusts another person without ever talking to them?

I could go on and on about all the things wrong with this message... but I ignored it... simply because I did not want to "conversate" with him... 



  1. After reading, I was going to ask if you wanted to conversate with him. I also love how he's "not opposed to intimacy if nature intends." I may have to use that one sometime on my husband. "Honey, I'm not opposed to intimacy if nature intends, but I'm tired so nature must not intend it to be so." :) Just kidding!

  2. Seriously. I'm pretty sure you just tapped into my dating inbox. I can't tell you how many messages I get with phone numbers in them. People are crazy!! My second least favorite messages are the ones with 'hey.' or 'hey whats up'... how are women supposed to respond to messages like that! I mean I'm not asking for a book or anything because there will be nothing to talk about later on, but something substantial would be nice.


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