Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 (Free) Android Apps to Entertain Toddlers

I've seen lots of posts out there about Apps for the iPhone to entertain Toddlers, but not many for Androids.  I don't own any products with an apple on them, so my smart phone, is a droid.  I spend a lot of time with my sister's kids, so I have a folder that has Apps just for Parker to use. The Apps that I list here are Toddler Tested, and Mom (and Aunt) Approved.  These are the ones that Parker asks to use over and over. 

Oh yeah, and they're all FREE! 

Toddler World

Before I got this app, I had several downloaded for counting, the alphabet, fireworks, etc... but this App puts them all into one place. So now, when Parker asks to do "fireworks," I just go to this app and go to the "Color Bursts" option.  There are a lot of activities for Toddlers, and there are games that they can play after they have the basics down. The one downfall of this app, is that the voice that it uses is very robotic. 

Toddler Cars

There are several different "car" apps out there, but this one seems to be the one that Parker likes the most.  It is a very simple App, so it is perfect for a 2 year old. All they do is touch the picture, and it says that name of the vehicle, and makes a sound.  Parker is obsessed with all things that go, so this is probably his favorite App.  He always wants to do "trucks on Crystal's phone." Unlike the previous app, the voice on this one isn't robotic, and can be enthusiastic at times. 

Color Ripple for Toddlers

Color Ripple is such a simple App, but Parker loves it, and Maggie, at 7 months old, has played with it a few times.  You simply run your finger across the screen, and it creates a color trail and it is set to soothing music. It is kind of mesmerizing. The free version of this app, only has one background, but you can pay for more. 
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Drum Set

Ok, so this is technically not a Toddler App, but it is the first App that I downloaded specifically for Parker to use. One day, he was being super fussy, and I was trying to think of something to calm him down, so I quickly downloaded the first drum set app that I found and let him bang around on it. That was over a year ago, and he still asks to play the drums every now and then.  There are different set ups, so that you musically inclined people can create different rhythms with different drums.  You can also record what you play and then listen to it.  It is a pretty cool app with many more uses than keeping a Toddler entertained, but it definitely works for that purpose too!  And, unlike a real drum set, I can turn down the volume! 


 iStoryBooks is probably one of my favorite Apps that Parker uses.  It has a ton of free story books that you download and it reads them to the child.  The narrator is a friendly voiced named Maya. There are a lot of different books..everything from educational books, to fairy tales.  You can choose to have the pages turn automatically or when you swipe through to turn the pages.  You can also turn off the voice, so that as children get older, they can read the books to you.  They are always updating and adding more books, or you can purchase a monthly subscription to have access to even more books. 

Those are 5 of my favorite apps to keep the Toddler in my life entertained... what are yours? 


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