Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Love Working in Direct Sales

For almost 5 years now, I've been a Tupperware Consultant. For most of that time, I was also working full time for a major corporation. In October of last year, I decided that I was done with Corporate America and that I was going to focus on finishing my degree and building my Tupperware business. I knew that I was going to eventually leave my job to complete my teaching internship, but I still needed income. My options were to go and find another job to make money or to use the tools that I already had and make money selling Tupperware.  I chose the latter, and I have never been more happy while working. I was thinking the other day about why this business makes me so happy, so I decided to write about the top 10 reason why I love working in direct sales, as opposed to holding a 'traditional' job. 

  1. I LOVE being my own boss.  There is no one telling me what time to go to work, or what days I have to be at work. There is no one to tell me that my idea is silly or that it will cost too much for the company. There is no one to tell me that I need to do something different. I make the decisions about how I want to run my business. I decide when to work, what time to work, and how to work. Any idea that I have, I can implement any time that I want. 
  2. I LOVE working on my own schedule. The flexibility that comes with working in direct sales is one of the biggest reasons that people join our industry. I love that on days or nights that I have class, I can schedule "off time." I don't have to worry about handing over my class schedule to someone else to work around it. On days that I want to spend with my family, I can. I don't have to worry about missing important things because of work. 
  3. I LOVE that I can 'work' my business when I want to. This one might sound like the previous one, but I will explain... When I need extra income, I simply schedule more parties. When I need to take a break to focus on other things, I can work a little less. I can a week or two off and not schedule parties if I need to work on a school project. I don't have to worry about my job not being there when I need it again. As long as I maintain my active status, Tupperware is there for me to 'work' when I need to. 
  4. I LOVE having fun at work. We have this saying, "Every time I go to work, It's a Party!" That is so true! I have the most fun at my parties.  I love when the group really gets involved in the demonstration and they are having fun too. When I was working in my old job, I hated going to work. I could not wait until the end of the day.  Work drained me and stressed me out. Now, I look forward to going to work.  It makes a difference when you are doing something that you love. 
  5. I LOVE meeting new people. Party plan businesses allow the consultants to meet lots of wonderful people. When you are working a 'traditional' job, you see the same people every single day. At almost every party, I meet amazing people that I've never known before. I love meeting them and learning a little bit about them.  When I work vendor events and festivals, I meet hundreds of people. I love interacting with so many different people. 
  6. I LOVE sharing our product and business opportunity. I can talk for hours about Tupperware. I've done entire parties talking about just one product line. I believe in our products and I love sharing them with other people. We have some of the most innovative products that serve so many purposes from organization to food prep. I also love sharing our business opportunity. As much as I love talking about the products, I love sharing what being a Tupperware Consultant has done for my life. I'm so happy when people ask me about my job and inquire about starting their own business. 
  7. I LOVE being a part of other people's success. I really like helping people start their own Tupperware business. More than helping people get started, I love helping them be successful. There is no greater joy in this job than seeing a person who you've shared the opportunity with succeed.  I imagine, it is much like watching your child take their first steps or listening to their first words. I love knowing that because of me, people are realizing some of their dreams. 
  8. I LOVE being recognized for a job well done. There is so much recognition involved when you do well in direct sales.  Not only does the company celebrate your successes, but your Directors and other consultants celebrate with you as well.  When you work a 'traditional' job, there is not a lot of people telling you that they are proud of you, or giving you free things just for doing your job (at least not where I worked). I've earned so many awesome rewards just for doing what I am supposed to do. Free products, business supplies, and other prizes just scratch the surface. I'm currently working on an all expense paid trip to Hollywood. Whether it is something as elaborate as a free trip, or something as simple as seeing your name on a list of top consultants, the feeling of knowing that people are sharing in your excitement that your business is thriving is inspiring. 
  9. I LOVE working with other Consultants. My fellow Tupperware Consultants are a great group of people. I love working with them. They are creative and full of ideas to help other consultants.  I learn so much from other people in direct sales. I love being a part of a group of like minded people who share the common goal of sharing Tupperware with the world. The consultants in my Organization have become like my family. 
  10. I LOVE making more Money! Money is the bottom line, right? Because my business has grown and I am working it more than ever, I am making more money than I was at my full time 'traditional' job. I love knowing that the money I'm making is directly affected by the work that I'm doing and not what someone else says is what I should make. The more I work, and the harder I work, the more money I make. Since I left my job last year, I've been making more money than I was while working there. More money for less work and less stress? I'll take it! 
The perks and benefits of having your own direct sales business are endless.  I love that you can begin your own business for a small investment and that your life could change. If you are interested in learning more about Tupperware or beginning your own Tupperware business, feel free to send me a message. (See my contact info for ways to get a hold of me.) Right now, we have an amazing offer that ends this week!  You can begin your own business for only $30! I'd love to have you on my team! 

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