Saturday, January 19, 2013

Color Change

My hair was in serious need of some color.  My sister is a hair stylist so I can normally just get my hair done whenever. But lately, our schedules have been busy and whenever I had time to get it done, she was tied up. My hair had not been colored since July. I don't think I've ever been that long without at least a touch up.  In October, I did get a perm to give my hair some curls/waves, but even that is kind of gone now.  Not only did my hair desperately need some color.. a trim was definitely in order as well.  Well, Friday, the stars finally aligned, and I was able to get my hair done!

This is how I went into the salon... Notice that my hair is pulled up in a ponytail/bun... this is 90% of the time.

When I took it down, it looked awful! This is my "Can you believe I have 3 inch roots?!" face: 

The last time that we did my hair, I decided to go as close as possible to my natural color so that I wouldn't have to get it done all the time... no highlights to touch up or anything. But as you can tell from the picture above, we may have let it go without maintenance for a little too long.  This time though, I wanted a change... something different.  With a sister who does hair, I've had my hair done many many times and in lots of different colors. I used to be really particular about her doing my hair. Now, I just tell her something I'm thinking about and then tell her to pick whatever will look decent. 

I had been looking on Pinterest for ideas, but nothing really caught my eye.  I knew that I wanted red in there somehow, but I wasn't quite sure how.  My hair is naturally dark, so going lighter really wouldn't look that great on me.  Kimberly over at A Little of This recently colored her hair a lighter shade of red, and I commented that I had been thinking about adding red to my hair.  Her response was "do it!"  So, when my sister asked what color I wanted to do, I told her something with red but not like fire engine red.  She picked a color and I trusted her decision.  (I'm horrible at making those by the way.)

That's what the color mixed in the bowl. Definitely not red... but I've done this enough to know that mixed color never turns out the same color. 

Here we go!

Then, she had to go mix another tube of color because my hair is thick and long that it takes more than 1.  This picture was while she was mixing more. 

Finally, she got it all on, and I had to sit for 35 minutes looking like this: 

But it was worth the wait, because once it had processed, was washed, blow dried and flat ironed, this was the final result! 

It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but it is a really pretty rich, dark red color.  I love it!  So what's a single girl with a brand new hair color supposed to do?  Grab some friends and go out for dinner, drinks and music.  My roommate and one of her friends had dinner and then we went to a local bar to listen to some acoustic music.  We had a great time! 

 I've already had lots of compliments about my hair.  I knew the girl singing last night and she saw me in the restroom during their break and said "have you changed your hair color?  It's beautiful!" What do you think of the new hair color?


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