Thursday, August 23, 2012

About to Pop Baby Shower Part 1: Theme Devleopment

Today, I am beginning a series about the baby shower that I threw for my sister a few weeks ago.  The theme was "Stephanie is About to Pop!" I've seen a lot of these baby showers on Pinterest, and that is where I got much of the inspiration for ideas.  I took ideas and made them my own to fit the shower.  I am really proud of how everything turned out... I did everything from the invitations to all of the food.  I wanted to blog about all of the details, so I decided to split up the posts to make sure that everything was covered. Check back this week to get all of the details.  I will be sharing everything... where I purchased everything, the printables I used... everything! 

Theme Development: 
I wrestled with the idea of even throwing my sister a shower for a long time.  Typically, you get one baby shower, for your first child.  I had already thrown her an awesome shower for Parker. However, that shower was huge.  It was at our church, and around 100 people were invited.  I wanted to do something smaller, more intimate, more fun.  I decided that I was going to give her a small shower, at her house, and only invite about 25 of her closest friends and family. 

Since I've been on Pinterest, I've seen lots of baby shower ideas.  However, the one that kept pulling me in was the "She's About to Pop" theme.  I had seen it several different ways - incorporating food and games and decor.  I had to decide which I was going to do.  I knew that we were going to play games at this shower, so I decided that everything should have a "pop" theme - games, favors, food, etc.  I quickly made a Pin Board and started gathering ideas. 

Over the next couple of days, I will detailing everything.  Look for posts on: 
The Decorations
The Food
The Games and Prizes


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