Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Parker!

Two years ago, today, my life, and my family's lives were forever changed... on June 28, 2010, my nephew Parker was born.  We waited all day for him to make his entrance, and finally at 6:46 pm, he made his way into the world.  "Love at first sight" has never been more true!  Aunt Crystal was smitten from the very beginning.

I am so lucky to live relatively close to my sister and her family, so I get to see Parker often... almost every day or every other day.  Watching him grow has been amazing!  Her has become a very animated 2 year old... and he is all boy! He loves playing with trucks and being outside... he loves his Mama and his Granddaddy Mike... he can be so sweet and loving... watching him laugh and getting hugs and kisses from him makes my day! 

This was taken on my 27th birthday... Parker was 23 months.
I am so excited to see how Parker reacts to being a big brother in a few short weeks.  I'm sure he will love his little sister as much as everyone else will!  He is going to have some adjustment to go through because he is spoiled rotten!  (Aunt Crystal may have helped with that a tiny bit!) No matter how many nieces and nephews I might have (my sister says she's done at 2, we'll see!), Parker will always be the baby boy that made me an Aunt... a title that I am proud of an honored to have! 

Last year, on his 1st birthday, I started a tradition with Parker that I'm sure I will carry on for years to come, and with his little sister.  I purchased the Dr. Seuss book, "Happy Birthday to You!" and wrote him a letter in the front.  I told him in the letter that every year on his birthday, we would get together and I would read him the book.  I didn't get a chance to read it to him today, but I will definitely make time to do it Saturday, before or after his birthday party! 

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Dear Parker... Aunt Crystal hopes that you've had a wonderful 2nd Birthday!  I love you more than words can say!  Can't wait to celebrate with you on Saturday! 


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