Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites: Chevron

In case you haven't noticed, (come out of your google reader, people) I gave the blog a little face lift recently.  Really the only thing that changed was the header and my signature at the end of the post.  While I like the trees, I wasn't in love with them, and they didn't have any specific meaning or anything.  

I decided to go with a chevron print.  Usually, I'm not one to jump on the trendy bandwagon, but I'm loving this print lately.  Chevron is hot lately... its turning up everywhere.  Just do a general search on pinterest and you will find chevron everything... from pillows and furniture, to cakes and clothes.  Chevron is modern and chic... its simple and stylish. 

I like the clean lines, but that its not simply stripes.  The blog header was my first venture into using chevron, but I'm hoping to find the perfect dress soon, and use it in some craft projects.  I definitely see more chevron in my future, since it is now one of my favorite things! 



  1. I'm liking the blog header. I know Chevron's totally "in" right now and I always rebel against the "in" stuff, but I may have to incorporate it in my decor somehow...

  2. Thanks KT! I'm usually not one for the trendy either... but I just couldn't resist chevron! (Did you notice my header matches my fb cover? ;) )


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