Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites: Afternoon Naps

My current schedule has allowed me to take advantage of something that I haven't enjoyed since my days of living in the dorms at school... afternoon naps.  Every day I'm done with school by 11am, so my afternoons are free... Usually, I stay up way too late, and have to get up in time to get ready to walk out of the door no later than 8:30am.  Since I'm not getting 8 hours at night, I have started taking afternoon naps.

Now, these naps usually squash my productivity... I could be using the extra sleeping time to clean and organize my house or to tackle the huge amounts of projects that I have undone, but once I hit the couch, it sucks me in!  The other problem with these naps is that when I sleep during the day, I stay up later at night.  I'm not one of those people that take 30 minute power naps... they are at least a couple hours!

Even with all of the disadvantages, I'm totally loving my afternoon naps.  They aren't every day, but I definitely love when I can get one in!

Do you nap?  Are you a power napper or do you like to enjoy the long ones like I do?


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  1. Yes, I nap on weekends only. I've found that if I take long naps, everyone (me & those around me) are miserable, so I set my alarm and try to go for power naps.


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