Saturday, June 2, 2012

27 Before 27 Update

So, I'm 27 now... and have been for about 5 days.  So, I guess its time to give you a little update on my 27 Before 27 List.  There were a lot of things not completed, so I'm making the executive decision to continue this list and complete it by November 28, when I will be 27 1/2.  (Hey, its my list, I can do what I want!)

27 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

  1. Get a handle on the paper clutter in my house. Started.  I have shredded about 2 bins full of old bills and documents.  There is a lot to go, and to get everything organized. 
  2. Make all As and Bs in my classes for the Spring 2012 semester. Didn't happen... it was a crazy semester... So, I'm changing this one to Fall 2012 semester (This semester will end after November 28, but I should have a good idea of what my grades are by then.)
  3. Make at least $500 profit from selling Tupperware. Right now, I'm at about $300. I think I'm going to up this number, but I don't have a goal yet.)
  4. Actually make or do 10 things that I have pinned on Pinterest. I'm sure that I've done 10 Pinterest inspired things, but I haven't kept up with all of them.  I'm changing this to 20 and will keep better track! Here are the 5 that I know I've I've got 10 more to do/document! 
    1. Felt Flower Wreath
    2. Cupcake Stands
    3. Basket Weave Cake Decorating
    4. Bear Hugs Valentines
    5. Rose Balls
  5. Go through my closet and throw away/donate/sell things that I no longer need or wear. Started.  I've gone through my closet and weeded out some things.  I'm having a yard sale (today) with my sister.  This goal will also include organizing my closet to be more functional. 
  6. Set up Home Office/Craft Room. Started... a lot left to do...
  7. Read 10 books. I've read 8 so far.  This one will change to 20 books by November 28. Here are the ones I've read.  I still need to write blog posts about a lot of them, so they are not linked yet.
    1. Belle Weather: Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Scattered Hissy Fits and Conniptions
    2. More 
    3. Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun (Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery #1) 
    4. Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride 
    5. The Single Woman's Sassy Survival Guide: Letting Go and Moving On
    6. Leftovers: A Novel
    7. Always the Designer, Never the Bride
    8. The Help
  8. Try 10 new recipes. I'm at 5, I think.  This one will be upped to 15. 
    1. Snickerdoodle Cake
    2. Pepperoni Roll Ups
    3. Southern Biscuits
    4. Banoffee Danger Pie
    5. Crock Pot Pineapple BBQ Chicken (I need to write the blog post on this one)
  9. Watch the entire Sex and the City series in order.  (Including both movies.) No progress.
  10. Take a winery tour. DONE! 
  11. Put money into savings every paycheck. This one started out really well, and then I needed to use the money in my savings, so it was all gone.  Once I start getting regular paychecks again, I will start this again. 
  12. Throw my Daddy a 50th Birthday Party. DONE!
  13. Lose (at least) 20 pounds. I got to 12.  I was doing really well, and then stopped what I was doing when the semester got crazy.  I'm changing this to 40 pounds, since I'm starting back next week! 
  14. Quit smoking… for real this time. Uh no... but I will have to do this before November... 
  15. Go on a first date. I thought this was going to happen, but no... there was a guy, but he didn't really follow through.  I'm keeping this one since I'm trying to remain hopeful! 
  16. Wear a dress everyday for a week. Nope... I got some really cute dresses recently, so I think this will happen soon. 
  17. Finish my Alphabet Blog Series. Nope... I will finish this though... I have tons of ideas rolling around. I may even start it over, since its been so long. 
  18. Turn in a school assignment a whole day before it is due. DONE! Actually more than one, I'm still keeping this one on this list as motivation not to procrastinate next semester. 
  19. Blog at least twice a week, every week. This one started out really well until school got really crazy.  The overall goal behind this one was to blog more.  So, I'm changing this one a little bit. There might be weeks when I can't blog 2 times, and there may be weeks when I blog 5 times a week... So, the new goal will be to have more blog posts this year than ever before.  The best year was 2008, and I had 83 posts.  Including this post, I'm at 39 for 2012, so I'm halfway there.  
  20. Have a picnic. No
  21. Have people over for dinner. No
  22. Go a week without Twitter or Facebook. No... this is going to be a lot harder than I imagined, but I'm keeping it.  I have cut back a lot on both websites, but once school gets back into full swing, I'm sure I will go a week. 
  23. Drink 70 gallons of water.  (8 cups of water per day for 140 days) I started out really strong with this one, but ended up stopping halfway through.  I just got out of the habit.  I haven't added up how many gallons I did drink, but once I do, I will revise this goal. 
  24. Send 5 people Birthday cards through the mail. I sent 2 Birthday cards and a graduation card.  I'm revising this one to send 10 cards (any kind) through the mail. 
  25. Cook dinner for my whole family, including dessert. DONE!  I never blogged about this one, but it was in February for my Mom and my Aunt's birthdays.  I cooked hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, garden peas, biscuits and this cake.
  26. Finish the photo album for my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary party.  (It was almost 5 years ago!) Nope... by 27 1/2, it will have been 5 years! (Queen of Procrastination?)
  27. Blog about my progress on this list.  I did ok with this... there are a few things that I missed.  I will make those up and continue to write about the other things I complete. 
So, I didn't finish hardly any of them completely... but I did make a lot of progress.  I will be adding things to replace the ones that are actually finished... and post an updated list soon.  Be on the lookout for the 27 before 27.5 soon! 

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