Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

In April, I hosted another baby shower.  My first cousin, Megan is expecting her first child in July, and its a girl!  I was excited the plan a girly baby shower.  Megan's said that she wanted a pink and brown color scheme, with polka dots.  I could easily incorporate those into the theme that I chose... Sugar and Spice and everything nice!

Of course, I started with the invitation, which I designed:

From there, everything was pretty much designed around the invitation.  I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest, and created a pin board for my favorite Sugar and Spice pins.  

The centerpieces on the tables were a "sugar cube" with a lollipop made from baby wash cloths and a baby fork and a little spice jar.  You know that I like to decorate at baby showers with things that the mom to be can use once the baby arrives.  This is usually my gift to the mom and baby, and it keeps me from having a lot of left over decorations.  We used white table cloths, brown organza overlays and a receiving blanket in the color scheme on each table. 

The centerpiece of the food table was a diaper cake that I made.  It contained 281 diapers and stood almost 3 feet tall.  It also had more washcloth lollipops. 

Megan gave a very specific list of items that she wanted to have on the menu. So we went with that.  I categorized the food into sweet and savory categories, and labeled them on the buffet table with "Sugar" or "Spice" tent cards.  A lot of the blog posts about baby showers that I've seen don't list the menu, so I've decided to include the menu here. Yes, it was an extensive menu.  Lots of food! 
Cake Squares
Oreo Truffles
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Lady Fingers

Savory or "Spice"
Chicken Salad
Cocktail Wieners
Boneless BBQ Wings
Sausage Balls

We also served Pink Lemonade punch. 

We had a lot of help with the food!  Once again, my awesome cake lady did a fantastic job on the cake squares.  And how cute is that carriage of fruit that my aunt put together?!

I had a lot of help with the little details.My mom did more bootie portion cups, and they were so cute!  I love how these booties look, and I haven't been able to find a tutorial for them online anywhere, so I will work on making one soon.  They are very simple, but a little time consuming when you are making 100! 

One of my favorite parts of the shower was the milk and cookies bar.  I had never seen this done, but it came up over and over in my Pinterest search.  I decided to do it before we had such a large menu, but after I mentioned it, there was no going back.  We chose cookies that were sweet and spicy to feature.  Also, Megan's stepmom had a ton of Girl Scout cookies that we used. We used white, chocolate and strawberry milk to match the color scheme and give some milk options.  It was so cute and everyone said what a good idea it was... thanks again Pinterest for making me look like a creative genius! 

A few other details:
Clothes line

Banner on the table where opened gifts were displayed.

Megan had the idea of letting guests sign in the baby book.

Chocolate Lollipop Favors. (Interesting side note, my original post about these has been the highest source of traffic to my blog, and has been the top viewed post ever)

 Here's the poem that we tied onto each lollipop:

The baby shower was a huge success and Megan got a lot of things for baby Reagan to use.  Can't wait to meet her! 


  1. Heya, cool ideas, how the notes on the bootie coming along?

  2. Please update the instructions on how to make the bootie cups.

  3. I would love to know how you did that carriage?!! Such cute Ideas. My email is sarajeangriner@yahoo.com

  4. I'd love to make that tag you did for the lollipops on my SIL favors we're doing for her. Would you be willing to share the template?

  5. What program did you use to make the invitation?


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