Saturday, February 4, 2012

Without a Laptop...

The other day, I noticed that my laptop was doing some weird stuff, like shutting down and locking without me telling it to.  I decided that I better go ahead and have it looked at, so that I could get it fixed asap.  It is so weird being without it. (Addicted much?)  I just realize how much I use it, and that I'm practically online ALL the time when I'm at home.  I've been at my mom's this weekend, so I'm able to use her desktop,so at least I have computer access.  It's still not the same though... I'm used to all of my personalized settings and where all of my files are located (even though I need to do some major organizing).  I might stay here until I get it back from the shop, so that I can get school work done... its going to be a challenge, but hopefully, I will have it back soon!

This post was just a ramble... guess I'm kinda back to my old blogging habits, lol.

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