Saturday, January 28, 2012

School Decisions

Last week, I went to meet with my adviser to talk about when I might graduate.  As you know, school has been a long journey for me.  I wanted to set out a game plan so that I can make some decisions about work.  Once I start my Student Teaching Internship, I won't be able to work a full time job.  I'm not too sure what I will do for money, but I still needed to figure out how much longer I can work.

I originally thought that I would have about 2 years, which would mean that I would graduate in May 2013.  While talking with my adviser we mapped everything out, and it would be possible to stay on that path, but I would probably die in the process.  I would be going to school continuously from now until then, with no break, not even summers.  I would also have to request special permission to complete classes after I walked for graduation.

So, the new plan is to go to the first summer session this year, play catch up in the fall, and start my student teaching in Spring 2013.  This means that my internship will be split over two school years, and that I will graduate in December 2013, which is a semester later than I wanted, but it will be a lot better for my sanity. So, I will graduate college 10 1/2 years after I graduated High School... its been this long, so what is one more semester in the grand scheme of things?  There are pros and cons to doing this, and it will be a little harder to find a job right away, so I'm going to have to make myself more marketable.

In order to even have this option and to make myself more marketable, I need to change my concentration.  Right now, I am an English as a Second Language concentration.  I love this area, but there aren't a lot of jobs, and the classes that I still need to take aren't offered every semester, and are very limited.  I have several options to consider before I change my concentration. At first, she suggested Reading.  If I switched to Reading, I would automatically have a 2nd license for K-12 Reading.  All that I would be able to do with that is teach remediation reading, which doesn't really appeal to me.

Her next question was, "If you could teach anything all day long, what would it be?"  My immediate response was Social Studies.  I was originally going to be a Secondary History Ed Major, a long time ago.  Switching to Social Studies is high on my list.  Eventually, I will probably add on a Middle Grades License, so that I can teach Middle School. (Something that I never considered when I was younger.)  If I switch to a content area, such as Social Studies, I will only have a few more classes to complete to have that 2nd license.  I immediately ruled out Math, because while I am good at math, it is not my favorite subject.  The other option, and the one that would probably make me the most marketable, is Science.  If I had a Middle Grades Science licensure, I would probably have an easier time finding a job.

I still haven't decided 100%, but I'm definitely debating between Science and Social Studies.  If you could teach one thing all day long, what would it be?  Even if you aren't a teacher, what is your favorite subject?

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