Friday, January 6, 2012

Recipe 1/10: Snickerdoodle Cake

I love Snickerdoodle Cookies... the perfect mix of sugar and cinnamon.  When I saw this cake on Pinterest, I knew that I had to try it!  I was going to make it for Christmas, but ran out of time, so I decided to make it on New Year's Day.  Since it was officially the new year, I am counting it as one of my 27 Before 27 recipes.  (Side Note:  I will not be double counting recipes in the 10 things that I do/make from Pinterest.  The 10 things will be something other than recipes, so that I truly complete each list item.)

This was the first cake that I've ever made from scratch.  No boxed cake mixes here... I just knew that this was going to be so good from reading the recipe and the ingredients.  What made the cake even better was the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buttercream icing... I am in love with the icing.  The cake was easy enough to make.  The hardest part was letting it cool and waiting to frost it before eating it.  The other things that I'm not really good at yet are cutting a cake layer in half (mine were not even at all) and frosting the cake (it ain't pretty, but it sure was yummy!)

You can find the recipe for this cake here.  If you love Snickerdoodle Cookies, you will love this cake.  I will definitely be making this again.  One thing that I also discovered is that if you drink this with a glass of milk, it is divine!

Here's my not so pretty cake:

And here's what it looked like cut... see those uneven layers? 

It might not win any beauty awards, but it tasted so good!  Anyway, my mama always said that ugly cakes taste the best!

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