Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recent Reads

Last semester, I read a lot, but none of it was for pleasure. I was taking a Southern Literature class, and it took up all my reading time.  Recently, I have been reading more... still loving my Kindle.  Here are some of the books that I've read in the past few weeks. Only 2 of them will count for my 27 Before 27 list, since I read them after I started the list.

51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life by Kristen McGuiness
This book is about the 51 dates that Kristen goes on in 50 weeks. She was on a mission to find love, and though it doesn't happen by the end of the book, she finds a lot more.  She works on finding herself.  I really liked this book.  If I thought that I could go on 51 dates, I would give this a try... but I'm kinda lacking in the date area...

Crimes Against Civility by Richard Simms
In this book, Simms comments on the rude and ridiculous things that are sending our society to "hell in a hand basket." While reading the book, I often found myself nodding in agreement with his observations and comments. The chapter on Customer Service should be read at every staff training everywhere... Very funny and oh so true... Perhaps I should buy a few more copies and keep on me at all times, and instead of just giving the next rude person I encounter the stank eye, I should throw this book at them.

Belle Weather: Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Scattered Hissy Fits and Conniptions by Celia Rivenbark
(Book 1/10)
I've read a couple other books by Celia Rivenbark, and she is hilarious!  Last year, my friend Stacey and I went to a book signing in Raleigh.  You can read about our adventure on Stacey's blog. This book did not disappoint.  Pure Southern hilarity.  I highly suggest that you read Celia's books.  I have a few more on my Kindle that I need to catch up on. Here's my picture with Celia.

More by Heidi Marshall
(Book 2/10)
This book was pretty good.  It was a freebie on the Kindle, but it was definitely something that I would have paid for.  One thing that drew me to this book is that it was set in Rocky Mount, NC, which is only about 45 minutes from here.  I love local literature, and I thought the author might be local, but she's not.  The book is basically about a young single girl, who finds herself wanting more out of life.  Her friends are married with kids, and she wants that life.  (Sound familiar? Hello!) She falls for her best friend, and gets rejected... (again, sound familiar?) but eventually finds more.  Parts of the book seemed rushed, and others dragged on, and in the end, I was the one left wanting more... more of the ending... it just seemed to end.

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  1. I ADORE Celia Rivenbark! You should read everything she's written. :)


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