Saturday, January 28, 2012

27 before 27 Update: 4 months to go

Since my birthday is on May 28, I have decided to give updates on my list on the 28th of each month.  Today is the first full list update.  I've been blogging as I've completed some things, but on the 28th of each month, I will repost the list with updates on what is completed.

27 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

  1. Get a handle on the paper clutter in my house. - Started going through some papers. Need to really work on an organization system. 
  2. Make all As and Bs in my classes for the Spring 2012 semester. - Classes are going OK so far.  We'll see how this one ends up. 
  3. Make at least $500 profit from selling Tupperware. - Had a Tupperware Party on January 20.  Profit so far, $100. 
  4. Actually make or do 10 things that I have pinned on Pinterest.
    1. Felt Flower Wreath
    2. Cupcake Stands
  5. Go through my closet and throw away/donate/sell things that I no longer need or wear. - Not started. 
  6. Set up Home Office/Craft Room. - I have to wait until the last roommate moves out next week before I can start this. 
  7. Read 10 books. - I've read 3 so far. 
    1. Belle Weather
    2. More
    3. Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun
  8. Try 10 new recipes.
    1. Snickerdoodle Cake
    2. Pepperoni Roll Ups
  9. Watch the entire Sex and the City series in order.  (Including both movies.) - I've started on Season 1. 
  10. Take a winery tour. - I will probably go one day during Spring Break. 
  11. Put money into savings every paycheck. - I've had 2 pay checks, and I've put money into savings both times. 
  12. Throw my Daddy a 50th Birthday Party. - Party scheduled for March 11.  I've started planning. 
  13. Lose (at least) 20 pounds. - I have a starting weight.  I haven't weighed since. 
  14. Quit smoking… for real this time. - No progress. 
  15. Go on a first date. - No progress
  16. Wear a dress everyday for a week. - I haven't decided what week this will be yet. 
  17. Finish my Alphabet Blog Series.  - I have some posts in drafts, but haven't completed any of them. 
  18. Turn in a school assignment a whole day before it is due. - Not yet. 
  19. Blog at least twice a week, every week. - So far, I've stuck to this one.  Some weeks, I've barely made it, but I have. 
  20. Have a picnic. - Not yet. 
  21. Have people over for dinner. - I need to clean my house first. 
  22. Go a week without Twitter or Facebook. - Not yet. 
  23. Drink 70 gallons of water.  (8 cups of water per day for 140 days) - So far, I've drank 12 gallons.  That's 24 days of half a gallon each day. 
  24. Send 5 people Birthday cards through the mail. - Not yet.  There are a lot of birthdays coming up in Feb, so I will probably knock a lot of these out then. 
  25. Cook dinner for my whole family, including dessert. - Probably in February, around my mom's birthday. 
  26. Finish the photo album for my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary party.  (It was almost 5 years ago!) - Not yet. 
  27. Blog about my progress on this list.  - I've been good about this so far. 
I think that I've made a good dent in some things, and I'm on track with the rest.  I really think that I will be able to complete everything.  The smoking is going to be hard.  Going on a date is going to be hard too, since I can't seem to meet anyone... but we will see! 


  1. I find it so hard to drink that much water!

  2. I thought that it would be a lot harder than it is.  I have a 1 liter water bottle that I drink 2 of each day.  I drink a lot during the day anyway, but now I'm just drinking water instead of Dr Pepper. 


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