Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals: January 2011

So, I started thinking about what my goals for 2011 will be.  After making, and not accomplishing several goals last year, I wanted to commit to things that I think are actually obtainable.  While reading through posts from other bloggers, I saw that Hope is doing monthly goals.  I really liked this idea because it will allow me to break bigger goals into smaller segments that will be easier to accomplish.  So, this year, I will be making a list of goals at the beginning of each month, and at the end of the month, I will report back with my progress.

Goals for January 2011:

  • Read (and write a review of) 4 books. 
  • Write at least 10 blog posts. 
  • Get 2010 tax information to Accountant and get taxes squared away. 
  • Fill out FAFSA for finacial aid. 
  • Clean out "Blue Room"
  • Organize craft supplies. 
  • Make decision about continuing with Tupperware. 
Hopefully, at the end of January, I will be able to report that all of these have been done.  Stay tuned for progress :) 

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