Monday, July 5, 2010

REWIND: June 2010

Coming off of a whirlwind May, I was ready for things to slow down a little bit. I needed a little bit of a break.  The first couple weeks of June were just that.  The month started out slow, but once things started happening, the month was over before I knew it.  June 2010 will definitely be a month I will never forget.

  • I started back to work, but on a very limited basis.  With summer camps coming in, there is a little bit of work for me, but it is still not enough.  I'm currently at a very frustrated point with my job, and I keep hoping for a change. 
  • I got my hopes up to visit a friend, but for some reason, that I'm still not sure of, that didn't work out.  I hate losing touch with people.  I always wonder what would be different if things didn't change. 
  • I started babysitting my little cousin while she is out of school.  I'm juggling my work time around keeping her, but it is a little extra money coming in. 
  • The BEST thing that happened in June is that I became an Aunt!  My nephew made his arrival Monday, June 28 at 6:46pm.  He is too cute!  He is such a loved little boy already! 

 Can't believe that half of the year is over!

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