Tuesday, June 1, 2010

REWIND: May 2010

May was such a busy month! I knew going into it that there were so many things going on that it would fly by... and boy did it!  A lot got done, but there were things that I wanted to happen that didn't... Here are a few highlights.

  • Work ended for a little while.  Since we are super slow during the summer, a lot of us go on lay off.  I love having time off, but it does put quite a strain on the checking account. 
  • Relay for Life - We had a great year for Relay.  Our church's team raised over $20,000 for the American Cancer Society.  We work at it all year.  I'm getting a little too old to stay up all night though... 
  • Mother's Day went well... I cooked dinner for my mom and my whole family... no one died, so that was a success..
  • As you can tell by previous blog posts, a lot of my time during the first few weeks went into making my sister's Baby Shower great.  When it was all said and done, it was a big success, and everyone said everything looked great.  I've had several people tell me that I should open an event planning business... I'm just not sure I'm ready to take that step yet... 
  • The Shift Conference finally took place.  I was so excited about this event!  I will write a more detailed blog post about it.  
  • I turned Twenty Five
  • As you can see, I read a lot more... trying to catch up on that goal. 
  • Ended the month with a girl's night with my sister and cousin, Megan.  We went and got Pedicures, went to Olive Garden to eat and then out to see Sex and the City 2.  We had fun and the movie was too funny! 
Over all, it was a good month, but one that was jam packed with events.  June isn't as packed, but the major event will be the birth of my nephew, Parker!  I'm so excited! 

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