Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Review -- "Savor the Moment" by Nora Roberts

"Savor the Moment" is the third book in the "Bride Quartet" by Nora Roberts. After reading the first two, there was no doubt that I had to read this one. 

Continuing the story of the life-long friends that started Vows, a wedding planning business, this book focuses on Laurel McBane, the pastry chef.  For her whole life, she has been in love with Delaney Brown, brother of her friend, and business partner, Parker.  However, she has never acted on her feelings because of their close relationship.  

Del views all of the girls at Vows as his sisters.  He has a very "take care of things" nature.  He feels that he needs to look after all of them, like he does his own sister.  This is a big conflict between he and Laurel.  She feels that she doesn't need to be taken care of and that he doesn't have to view her as his sister, so one night during an argument, she gives into impulse and kisses him.  

That kiss opened up a whole lot of feelings, between both of them, and through the course of a couple of months, they figure out that they are right for each other.  Laurel believes that she's always known that Del is "the one." 

Again, I loved this book.  I'm looking forward to the last installment in this series, but it won't be released until November, so I guess I will just have to wait until then! 

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