Monday, May 3, 2010

REWIND: April 2010

Time sure flies when you are busy! We are already 3 days into May... I seriously don't know where all this time is going! Can I get an extra day in the week? Preferably on the weekend? Anyway... here is April in a nice little bulleted list...
  • More babies -- if you can't tell, that is kind of the running theme for the last couple of months. My mom's coworker had her baby at the beginning of April, and Miranda's baby shower for the twins was in the middle of the month.
  • I had my first migraine in a long time. I went to bed one night at 6:30pm, and didn't wake up until it was time to go to work the next day. My body was telling me that it was time to take a break.
  • Attended my 2nd Super Saturday for Tupperware. It is basically a regional training day. We had lots of training and announcements about new promotions coming up. Its always nice to get together with a coupe hundred Tupperware consultants.
  • Made my Magazine Feature debut in a local women's magazine. They did a feature on Sisters, and asked Stephanie and I to participate. Now the most random people say, "I saw you in Her... Magazine." Kind of makes you feel like a big deal, haha.
  • Got a much needed pedicure... its time for another one!
  • Helped raise more money for Relay for Life. Not only with my personal team, but I did a Tupperware fundraiser for Curves in Farmville.
  • Worked the Dogwood Festival in Farmville. Had to cut it short due to the high winds on Sunday.
  • Realized that I need a break!
May is even busier!!

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