Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Review -- "Vision in White" by Nora Roberts

One day, I was in Walmart and wandered into their small book section.  I decided to look around and see if they had anything that piqued my interests.  On their New Releases shelf was a Book titled "Savor the Moment" that caught my eye because on the cover was a gorgeous wedding cake.  I picked it up and realized that it was Book 3 in "The Bride Quartet" by Nora Roberts.  I looked around and found the first book in the series, "Vision in White."  I decided to purchase it, and read the first book to see if I liked it, before getting the others.

When I started reading the book, I knew instantly that I was going to like it.  The main characters are four lifelong friends, who as children could often be found in the back yard of the Browns, playing a game they called "Wedding Day."  Later in life, the same group of friends form a Wedding Planning Business, simply called "Vows."

Each of the girls handle a different aspect of making sure that a bride's wedding day is everything that she has ever dreamed.  Parker Brown, who inherited the Brown Estate after her parents died in a tragic accident, is the business woman who has worked very hard to turn Vows into one of the top Wedding Planning businesses in Connecticut.  Emma Grant specializes in creating beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets that add personal touches to each and every wedding.  Stunning wedding cakes, created by Laurel McBane, are showpieces at receptions.  The fourth and final member of the Vows team is Mackenzie "Mac" Elliot.  Her expertise is photography.  Her photographs capture the moments that make a wedding day so special, and allow these moments to live on forever.

Mac's life is a little unorganized, with a mother who just ended her third marriage and relies on Mac to always be there to pick up the pieces, so to speak.  The mother, Linda, regularly calls on Mac for financial support after her romantic life falls apart.  Despite that, Mac has made a very successful name for herself as a Wedding Photographer.  She is seemingly content with the direction in which her life is headed, and really isn't looking for love, until it literally walks in her door.

Carter McGuire, PhD, former Yale Professor, teaches English at a local Private High School.  He is your typical "nerd."  He wears tweed, and spends most nights grading papers alone in his apartment, kept company by his three legged cat, Tripod.  His sister is recently engaged, and drags him to a consultation with the ladies at Vows.  He shows up in the wrong place, and finds Mac, topless, in her studio.  When he sees her, his High School crush resurfaces, and he falls in love with Mac all over again.

"Vision in White" is the love story of Mac and Carter.  While Mac's mother's love life has skewed her view of love and marriage, over time, she learns to accept that some things in life you cannot control, and that some times, even though you may not have it all together, all that you need is staring you in the face.

This was the first Nora Roberts book that I've read, and I loved it!  I love the concept of these friends working together on the productions that are weddings.  Having once thought about being a wedding planner, and seeing a lot of myself in the Parker character, reading this book, with all of the wedding acronyms (MOB, FOG, etc.) made me feel like I was in my "element."  It was a quick read for me.  I'd start reading, and before I knew it, I was 100 pages in.  Roberts seems to write great romance stories, and the way she describes a love scene is amazing.

I'm really glad that this is the first of four books.  I can't wait to read the rest of them.  Three are currently available, and the fourth is slated to come out later this year.  

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