Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Shower Post 3 - The Centerpieces

I mentioned in the post about the Baby Bouquet that I made that I was doing a scaled down version of the project for my Sister's Baby Shower.  I found little blue buckets at Target during Easter in their $1 section, and they already had bows tied on the sides.  I knew these would be perfect to serve as containers for the centerpieces.  I bought gingham ribbon to match the ribbon detail on the invitation and replaced the ribbon that came on the buckets, just for that little extra attention to detail.  I got a bunch of baby socks that matched the colors (blues, greens, whites) and started rolling!

Since the shower was floating, and everyone was not eating all at the same time, I only had 3 tables set up, with lots of extra chairs around.  Each table was designated with one of the animals that were used on the invitation.  I made a decision early on in the planning process that most everything we decorated with would be something that could be used once the baby arrived.  To add some color to the tables, I used receiving blankets as overlays.  In the center was one of the buckets of sock "flowers" and a toy frog, snail or puppy.  I was able to find the perfect baby toys at a local toy store, RoundTable Toys. They turned out so cute!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Crystal! The centerpieces look awesome. You are a very creative person.

    Your nephew is going to love the Taggies!


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