Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Shower Post 1 - The Invitation

Since I had such a huge part in my sister's baby shower, I have decided to break it up into multiple posts.  Each post will focus on an element that I feel is important.  There may be some tutorials along the way, as the majority of the things for the shower we created.

Today's post focuses on the invitation.  I believe that the invitation to any event should set the tone for the event as a whole.  If your event is formal, a more formal invitation should be sent.  If it is a casual event, then a more casual invitation is acceptable.  When a guest receives an invitation, they should have a good idea of what to expect upon arrival at the event.  I also feel that if your event has a "theme" that your invitation should represent that.

When my sister found out that she was expecting a boy, the first thing I thought of was "Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails... That's What Little Boys Are Made Of..."  I did some quick research online and found that other people had used this as a Baby Shower Theme for a boy, so I decided that I would run with it.  My mind was swirling with ideas.

I knew that I wanted to design the invitation, and that the details would fall into place from there.  I began searching for invitation ideas, and ran into several problems.  There was nothing that I liked.  I did a generic search for baby shower invitations, and found that a popular style looks like a mini scrapbook page.  Scrapbooking-- I can do that!

I looked for digital scrapbooking kits, and found a site, Shabby Princess, that had free downloads.  The kit that I decided to go with had lots of blues, greens and yellows... prefect for a little boy's baby shower!  I downloaded the Sweet Serenity Kit and got to work.

I also used a free design program called  This is a program that has been compared to Photo Shop, but it is simple to use like Microsoft Paint.  The thing that I like about this program is that is has the option of using layers, which was really helpful when designing the invitation, or any form of digital scrapbooking, really.  Once I finished the design, I ordered them from VistaPrint.  This is their Oversized Post Card, and you can order envelopes as well.

I was so happy with the way that the invitations turned out! I've gotten a lot of compliments on them.  Here is the finished version... with all of the important details blurred out. (Click for a larger view)

Having a great invitation really made the rest of the planning a breeze.  Stay tuned this week for more Baby Shower Updates.  The details are what really made it great!


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