Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sister Survey

Saw this on Facebook, and I'm a little bored...

Whats your sisters name?

Are you a big sis or a little sis?

How old is she?

What is the age difference between the two of you?
About 28 months

Do you two have any nicknames for each other?
She sometimes calls me "Crital" and I call her "Steph" but other than that, no.

Is she taller than you?
We're actually right about the same height.

Would you consider her one of your best friends?

Do you talk everyday?
Pretty much

Do the two of you live together?
Not anymore

Where do each of you live?
I live in Greenville, and she lives in Kinston.

Who do you think is the better looking of the two of you?
We kinda look alike, but I'd say her.

What is your fondest memory of each other?
We have lots of memories

What do you pick on them most about?
Nothing really...

What does she pick on you most about?
Again, nothing really

Which one of you is "the good one"?
Definitely her.

Do you fight often?

Who usually wins?
Physically, she could beat me up

Did you attend the same school ever?
Pretty much all through school

If so, did she act like she knew you, or ignore you?
We acted like we knew each other... there was no denying it.

Did you ever take the blame for something your sister did?
Probably at some point.

Did you ever break the law together?
Nothing major

What is the worst trouble you got into together?
I can't remember a time when we got into a whole lot of trouble together... we got into trouble separately.

Would you take a bullet for your sister?

Whats your favorite thing about your sister?
She's always there for me.

Whats your least favorite thing about her?
She's so much like my mom, lol.

Have the two of you ever fought over a guy?
Oh never...

Do you want to be just like your sister?
No, I think that's what makes us great. Our personalities are very different, but we have so much in common. We balance each other.

Do you share clothes?

Do you wish you had more sisters?

Do you consider your sister your best friend?

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