Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review --"The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks

It's no secret that I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan. My love affair with his writing began when I read "The Guardian" a few years ago. That same week, I completed 2 more of his books. During the time when I was regaining my love for reading, it was always Nicholas Sparks that I could count on for a good story.

I picked up "The Rescue" during that time, but never made it through the first few chapters. I never picked it up again until about a month ago. It took me a long time to read this one. Normally, I'd take about a week, start to finish, for a Nicholas Sparks book, but this one took me a month. I could put it down and forget about it... it wasn't something that I wanted to keep reading every night. Last night, I was determined that I was going to finish the book, so I read for about 4 straight hours. The second half of the book was a little faster than the first half.

One of the themes for this book is "rescue" -- obviously you could tell that from the title. One of the main characters is a Volunteer Firefighter, who is always the first to go in for the big saves. One night, during a major storm, he finds a car that has crashed in a swampy area. He finds a woman who was injured and her son is missing. He goes on to find her son, and is their hero.

Of course, in true Nicholas Sparks style. they go on to fall in love and all that mushy stuff. But it is more than just physically rescuing someone, it deals with the emotional "rescue" after tragedy strikes. It's about dealing with demons from the past that affect everything you do.

Overall, the book was ok... not one of my favorites... but not bad. It still managed to make me cry. There were parts where I thought Sparks was going into way too much detail about things... things that really didn't need to be explained, and I think that is what made the story drag.

If I used a rating system on this blog, I'd give it a 3...

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