Saturday, February 6, 2010

REWIND: January 2010

When did February get here? I mean really! I've decided that I will continue with the Rewinds this year, and hopefully be more consistent with them. I used to write long drawn out posts, but I really like bulleted lists... so here goes:
  • Began the New decade out with friends... the first time I've ever been in a bar when the ball dropped.
  • Went to a fun Liberty Bowl Party - although the Pirates did not pull off the win.
  • Got to see the little baby that is growing inside of my sister, and found out that in late June, or early July, I will have a Nephew.
  • Completed 3 books.
  • Had to stay out of work for a few days with Strep Throat.
  • Went Round and Round with Verizon about getting me a new BlackBerry when mine broke... dealt with crappy customer service and ended up being without a phone for almost a week.
  • Watched snow fall, and then the freezing rain came, covering everything in ice for the last few days of January.
The month flew by! Seriously, at this rate, I need to start Christmas shopping! What was your January highlight?


  1. That's so exciting to see your Nephew!
    I really like the layout of your page.


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