Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Review -- "The Hero of Hampton Hills" by John Alan Perry

A few months ago, I read and wrote a review for "Southern Fried Reunion" by local author John Alan Perry. Because I loved it, I decided to go ahead and read his first book "The Hero of Hampton Hills."

This book follows High School Senior Tyce Morgan, an All American Quarterback with a bright future a head of him. Colleges from all around the country try to recruit Morgan to be apart of their team. When Tyce's long time friend (and his crush) Amanda, has to move to another town because of her father's job promotion, his world is turned upside down. Another family moves into the neighborhood, bringing unexpected trouble with them.

Throughout the book, Tyce faces several internal struggles. Should he share information that would cause harm to ones he loves? What does his future hold (with Amanda? with college?) He questions the meaning of "forever." With all that Tyce goes through, his friends are there. A close knit group of boys, all fellow football players, surround Tyce, and ultimately show that true friends will be there, no matter how hard the situation is.

I don't want to give away too much of the book, but the issues that it tackles are complex, and definitely not what I expected when I started reading. The last two chapters, were a complete surprise for me, and they had me bawling! One of my complaints with the book is that it had long chapters... and I didn't want to stop reading. I was determined that I was going to finish the book, so there I sat in my bed at 5am reading, literally crying my eyes out. (Thanks a lot John!)

There were are few questions in the end, with some of the secondary characters. Perry definitely keeps you interested, and I kept thinking that I could see this being a great Made for TV movie. If you happen to run across the book (because several websites are sold out) it is a good read.

John Alan Perry should be having another book be published this year, and it will definitely be on my list of books to read. I can only expect that it will be as good, if not better than the first two.

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