Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

So I started off this year, trying to do a monthly thing here on the blog called "Rewind," at which I failed miserably. I did a good job for, oh, maybe months 1 and 2, but by March, I was behind. Use the link above to see all the goings on for January through April. (I did make one late post)

To catch everyone up, and to try and cut down on some of my wordiness, here are the highlights, and a few lowlights of 2009 - in bulleted form. Some of them, will be things I've mentioned before, but there are some very new things as well!

  • I went on a couple of dates with a guy who seemed like a good one at first, but by the second date was definitely a "Mr. Wrong."
  • I turned 24.
  • At the end of May/beginning of June, I did an 8 day Substitute assignment in a 5th grade classroom. It was the last week and a half of school. Their teacher was in a car accident and was unable to finish out the school year. It was absolutely challenging, but at the same time, really opened my eyes. It made me realize just how dissatisfied I am in my current job. It solidified my decision to go back to school to finish my teaching degree. (This will most likely happen in the fall of 2010.)
  • I chickened out again when face to face with someone that I care a lot about, and didn't share with him my feelings. Now, I fear that this whole opportunity has slipped away. Sometimes it is too late.
  • For most of the year, I had been working very hard to meet a very specific goal with Tupperware. In July, it finally happened, and I was promoted to Manager! I have an awesome group of ladies working with me.
  • In August, I boarded a plane for the first time in 12 years, and I was Florida bound! Earlier in the year, I qualified to attend Tupperware's Annual Jubilee for free. Not only was it my first Jubilee, but my first time in Florida. I definitely will be going back! In fact, next year, the event is being held at a Disney Resort! I'm already excited!
  • Work continued to be a drag... but it was some better this semester, because I was working with a different Production Manager.
  • October was time for our annual trip to the mountains... it was great to get away for a few days. I rode a horse for the first time in a really long time... and for the first time in the mountains. I was excited, and terrified at the same time. In the end, it was fun.
  • Right before our trip to the mountains, my sister shared some really exciting news with the family. She's PREGNANT! I am so so excited to be an Aunt! She is now just over 14 weeks, and has had a seemingly easy pregnancy so far. They go for the big ultrasound in a couple of weeks to find out the sex -- I'm pulling for a girl!
  • The last couple of months, I slumped back into that very lonely place. The Holidays didn't seem to have that happy feeling that they normally do, but I've found that this has been the case for the past couple of years. I didn't even put up Christmas decorations this year. That isn't normal for me.
That pretty much brings up to speed. Here's to a new beginning in 2010.

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