Friday, September 4, 2009


For my first Alphabet post, the first thing that came to mind was Apples. I guess it makes sense as many times as I've said "A a Apple" in Kindergarten classrooms. But seriously... I love apples... both as decorations and as a snack. The best "fast food" ever is those bags of sliced apples. I could eat 3 bags and be happy!

Even more than eating apples, I like decorating with apples. I don't know if its the teacher in me or what... but for years, I always said that when I got a kitchen of my own, it would be decorated with apples. Once we closed on the townhouse, the kitchen was the first room of the house that I completely decorated. What's even more awesome is that my granddaddy gave us a complete set of matching apple accessories! Everyone that comes to the house says how good the kitchen looks with the matching pattern. Now don't start thinking that there are apples everywhere... there are just enough to make it a "theme" without going overboard.

Here's a pic!

These are on the Dining Room wall...
So there you have it... Apples! Stay tuned for the other 25 letters :)

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