Sunday, September 27, 2009


I really wish that I had more time for Crafting. Its something that I really enjoy doing. I have a lot of supplies... and I could still spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

I have featured some of the crafts that I have made before here on my blog. I haven't done any in a while because life has just been rather crazy... but I did realize that there was a couple of frames that I never showed. Last Christmas, I decided to make some of the things that I gave away as gifts. These are two more of the picture frames that I painted.

On the left, is the a John Deere inspired frame that I made for my little cousin Lance. He is obsessed with John Deere. On the top is fabric that had the JD logo. On the right, is the frame that I made for Lance's sister Kelsey. I didn't know this at the time, but the purple color matches her bedroom great. I really like how the polka dot ribbon is a contrast to the pink and orange flowers.

I can't tell you how many projects sit unfinished at my house. I tend to start on something and then I get bored with it after awhile, so I move on to something else. I hope that one day I can finish up all of the things that are half done.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review -- "Meeting Mr. Wrong: the Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle"

A few months ago, I came across a book review in Her Magazine, which is a local monthly publication featuring women in Pitt County. The review was for "Meeting Mr. Wrong: the Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle" by Stephanie Snowe. I was interested because, according to the article, Snowe lived in Greenville for a while, and while my situation was not exactly the same as the author's, I've definitely had my share of "Romantic Misadventures."

Stephanie Snowe was a young, divorced mother of twins when she decided to give Internet Dating a try. The book is a series of anecdotes about the men that she met and the dates that followed...

This was a very quick read. It was definitely a page turner. Snowe's hilarious stories kept me interested through the whole book. It felt like I was just sitting down with Stephanie listening to her tell me the stories. Like me, she's somewhat sarcastic... I liked that... a lot...

Having met some of the same "types" of guys that she encountered, I could totally relate! I would definitely recommend this book! It has gotten great reviews on lots of websites that I've seen. I'm sad that I missed Stephanie's book signing at Barnes and Noble back in May.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I've mentioned here on the blog before that I love Birthdays. I think that everyone should have a memorable birthday. I also realized that I never blogged about my birthday this year. Now, there's nothing too exciting about turning the big 2-4; there is no major milestone once you reach this age, but this year, my birthday was definitely memorable.

The "celebration" started a few days before my actual birthday. In our family, we have a tradition of everyone getting together for hotdogs and hamburgers, followed by cake and ice cream. It has been that way for years... something that my Grandma started. My birthday always falls around Memorial Day, so this year we did my birthday celebration on that Monday. Its just a low key way to get everyone together.

The day before, my sister and I went to get pedicures. That is always a nice treat, and one that I wish I could afford to enjoy more often. We had fun relaxing and having some "sister" time.

On my actual birthday (May 28, for those of you who are wondering), we had a Greenville Tweetup. Most people would be going out and celebrating, but over the past few months, the Greenville Twitter folks have become good friends, so I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. At this Tweetup, I was actually on the agenda to talk about how I use Twitter for Tupperware... which turned into more of a discussion about how to use it for businesses in general. I had a really good time talking about 2 of the things I love. Some of the guys even remembered that it was my birthday, so they surprised me with a cake! It was yummy!

Then, a few days later, I got a great birthday present from my parents - a new TV! It was a great way to wrap up this year's brithday! I hope that there are many more memorable birthdays to come.

Friday, September 4, 2009


For my first Alphabet post, the first thing that came to mind was Apples. I guess it makes sense as many times as I've said "A a Apple" in Kindergarten classrooms. But seriously... I love apples... both as decorations and as a snack. The best "fast food" ever is those bags of sliced apples. I could eat 3 bags and be happy!

Even more than eating apples, I like decorating with apples. I don't know if its the teacher in me or what... but for years, I always said that when I got a kitchen of my own, it would be decorated with apples. Once we closed on the townhouse, the kitchen was the first room of the house that I completely decorated. What's even more awesome is that my granddaddy gave us a complete set of matching apple accessories! Everyone that comes to the house says how good the kitchen looks with the matching pattern. Now don't start thinking that there are apples everywhere... there are just enough to make it a "theme" without going overboard.

Here's a pic!

These are on the Dining Room wall...
So there you have it... Apples! Stay tuned for the other 25 letters :)

Book Review -- "Southern Fried Reunion" by John Alan Perry

Disclaimer: This post was originally written in June... I just finished it and pushed publish...

John Alan Perry is a local author that lives here in Greenville, NC. A few years ago, he won a contest to have a serial novel published in The Daily Reflector. The title was "Southern Fried Reunion." What really caught my attention is that the story was set locally, and I actually know John. He works with my mom, and I've worked with him several times when I've subbed. I started reading when it was in the paper... but for some reason couldn't keep up. I always thought that it would be a good read as a novel. So... I was very interested when I heard that it had been published.

I quickly ordered my copy from Amazon, and I started reading it as soon as it had arrived. Having known some of the background from reading parts of the serial novel, I knew that it was about a man from a small town who had moved to NYC, and was coming home for a family reunion.

This is the product description from Amazon
Best-selling author John Alan Perry answers a call from his mother to attend a family reunion back home in North Carolina. After living in New York for a while, the author can’t fathom going down South for anything—let alone a redneck-infested reunion. But reluctantly, he goes against his better judgment and drives home for the weekend. The reunion begins as most do—with childhood stories being retold and old friendships being rekindled. Slowly, painstakingly, the author lowers his guard. An eccentric cast of characters fills his afternoon—Danny, the goofball, beer-swilling, snake-killing third cousin; Magdalena, the long-lost kissing cousin who now owns the puking baby; and Eleven, a drop-dead gorgeous aspiring actress who knows a secret John Alan doesn’t. However, what begins as a comical stroll down memory lane ends in a nightmarish realization that will alter John Alan’s life forever.

I have never read a book so quickly. Seriously, I was done with the book in a matter of hours. I couldn't put it down. To me, the best writers use words that paint a picture in your mind, and Perry definitely did this. The book was very relateable. Having grown up in a big family in a small town, I could imagine feeling the same way if I had been away for awhile.

One of the things that kept repeating through the book is "What's done is done." How true! Its done, its over... you can't change it... just have to deal with it and keep going. The book also proves that although it may be painful, and you might have to deal with some ghosts, you can go home again.

I also had the chance to attend a book discussion and signing that John had at Barnes and Noble. It was really interesting to hear from an author about the thought process that goes into writing a novel. The Q&A time was interesting, and gave me more insight into the characters and the story line. B&N said that this was one of the best selling books from a local author that they have had. They ran out of copies in the store that night. And, I have a signed copy now, so thats awesome!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good, quick read. It was perfect for summer since reunions are all too common down South. While you're at it, check out his first book "The Hero of Hampton Hills." It is on my list to read!

The ABCs of me...

A while back, I saw LeeAnn start a series of posts on her blog with these instructions: Choose a word that is somehow special to you with each letter of the alphabet and write a bit about that word. I thought this was a great idea to do now to kick start the blogging again, and to help me keep up the momentum. So, over the next few days, I'm going to be doing just that... making posts with each letter of the alphabet as the title.

I realize that some of these things I have tried before haven't panned out in the past, but this one I am really going to do... I already have most of the letters picked out and topics assigned!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blowing off the dust...

Here's a little survey that I saw on KT's blog. Its kind of funny because today I was thinking of blogging more and some ways to do it, and I started thinking about the alphabet and something I'd seen on another blog, then I saw this in my Google Reader. Think of this as a little intro. Something easy to liven this place up a bit!

A -Age: 24
B- Bed Size: Queen.
C- Chore you hate: Laundry
D- Dog's Name: Don't have a dog
E- Essential starts to your day: Dr. Pepper
F- Favorite Color: Purple.
G- Gold, Silver, or Platinum: Silver.
H- Height: 5'2"
I- Instruments you play: Flute, some piano
J- job: Full time - Production Assistant - Part Time- Tupperware Manager
K- Kids: Nope
L-Living Arrangements: By myself in my own house
M- Mom's name: Becky
N- Nicknames: Peanut, Crys, Crytal
O- Overnight stay in the hospital other then birth: Pancreatitis and gall bladder removal (same time)
P- Pet Peeve: I have a list a mile long! One of them, bad drivers
Q- Quote from a movie: "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra. " Waiting...
R- Right or Left handed: Right
S- Siblings:One sister
T- Time you wake up: 7ish
U- Underwear: sure
V- Vegetable you dislike: a lot of them
W- Ways you run late: the Train!
X- X-rays you've had: Teeth and Chest
Y- Yummy food you make: Spaghetti
Z- Zoo Favorite: Monkeys
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