Friday, July 10, 2009

What the heck?!

It has been over a month since I've updated this blog... that is just unacceptable! I blame the two important "Ts" in my life... Twitter and Tupperware!

Twitter - I spend a lot of time there... some would say way too much. I love the instant feedback from my followers. I love that I can be completely random and usally someone responds! It can be time consuming, but it has also made my attention span a lot smaller (as if that were possible). Since you're limited to 140 characters, I find it hard to sit and focus on writing a long(er) post that someone might find interesting. I'll continue to try to work on this...

Tupperware - For 3 months now, I've been trying so very hard to reach a specific goal with Tupperware. During May and June, I came so close, but just couldn't get there. I'm now working on it for July, so a lot of my attention goes there. I spend a lot of time helping my team and encouraging them... and also trying my hardest to sell as much as possible... (Shamless plug alert: go to to purchase some)

So... I have a lot to update here, but I'll try to get everything caught up... one day maybe I won't have to play catch up...

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