Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I have been neglecting the blog as of late... things have just been so crazy round these parts. I realize that I didn't do a March Rewind... I've started it, but its so late in April, that I might as well do March and April together.

Things have been rather interesting as of late... but I will write more detailed blogs about it all later. I just wanted to post a quick message to let everyone (all 3 of you who read this) that I'm still alive :)

PS. If you are viewing this on Internet Explorer, things may be screwed up... you really should start using FireFox or Google Chrome :) I'm trying to figure out why the template is messed up for IE... I'm working on it...


  1. I just realized I said "As of Late" twice in that post... are my writing skills going to the crapper? lol

  2. yay! an update!! i was wondering when you were gonna update this!! :) take care!



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