Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Review -- "Stupid About Men" by Deborah Dunn

Once upon a time, I joined Twitter, not looking for anything in particular. What I found was so much more. Somehow (and my memory fails me as to how exactly) I found Deborah Dunn (@deborahdunn). She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here in NC. As I began to follow her updates, I quickly learned that she had just published a new book, titled "Stupid About Men: 10 Rules for Getting Romance Right," that was set to be released on February 3. Right away, I was interested, because let's face it, my track record with guys has been less than stellar. I then followed the Twitter account that she had set up for the book launch (@stupidaboutmen) and waited for the day that the book was available for order on Amazon. On the day that it was released, I ordered it, and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Once it arrived, I wanted to start reading it right away, and hoped to get through it very quickly. Once I started reading, however, I realized that this wasn't just one of those books that you fly through. Even though the book is written in a somewhat light hearted style, the subject matter lends it self to actually thinking about what you have read, and letting it sink in. If you truly want to let this book help you, I recommend going through it slowly and reflecting on which characteristics of women who are Stupid About Men you possess.

Each chapter is based upon a classic fairy tale character, and focuses on a "rule" that we can learn from the the character. At the beginning of each chapter is an excerpt from the classic fairy tale. To me, this was a brilliant concept. If provides a concrete example (fairy tale characters that we all know) to explain what we, as women, have been doing "wrong" for so long. Every girl dreams of having a fairy tale romance, but Dunn shows us just how misconstrued our ideas of romance and relationships have been all these years.

Not only does the book show you the problems that women have with relationships, but it gives you tips and ideas on how to correct those issues. This book is really about equipping women with the tools they need to not only better themselves, but to be successful in relationships with men. Just because the title has the word "Stupid" in it, does not mean that Dunn is implying that women are stupid. She is simply saying that when it comes to men, a lot of us have made some really stupid decisions, and we just need to understand why we keep making them. I have really taken the things that I read in this book to heart. A lot of the changes that I have recently decided to make in my life were prompted by reading this book.

One of the things that I really appreciated about this book is that although the author is a Christian, and the book is published by Howard Books, the Christian division of Simon and Schuster, the book is not pushy on religion. There are several mentions of God, and the relationship that one forms with him, but the books does not take a "force God down your throat" approach.

I am really glad that I found Deborah Dunn online, and even more glad that I decided to read her book. A lot of women would benefit from reading it, whether you are single or in a relationship. Somewhere inside of most of us is a girl that is Stupid About Men. Whether we are a Cinderella, a Snow White, or a Repunzel, or even a combination of several of the characters, this book will be of great help in your journey to "getting" men. I know for me, personally, reading it was the first step to finding my "happily ever after"


  1. Hi Crystal, did you know this author is appearing at Cameron Village Library this Sat at 2pm?

    Thanks for the good feedback! Let me know if you can attend and would love to meet you in person! Thumbs up on your blog!

  2. I did not know that she would be making an appearance this weekend. I've talked with her a lot over twitter and facebook. I won't be able to make it this weekend, but maybe sometime soon!


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