Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buy Tupperware and help the Liz Logelin Foundation

When I have the chance to give back, I usually try to contribute. Since the Tupperware business has been going good for the last few months, I have a little extra money coming in, and that allows me to help some other people in need.   This is one of those times that I feel moved to donate.

A few months back, I started reading Matt Logelin's blog. If you have not heard his heart wrenching story, here is a quick recap.

On March 24, 2008, Matt's wife Liz gave birth to their beautiful daughter Maddy. 27 hours later, Liz passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Matt had been blogging throughout Liz's pregnancy as a way to keep family informed, but after her death, he continued blogging. His blog quickly turned into a community of people from all over the world offering their condolences, as well as support and advice for this newly single father. Not only did they comment with support and advice, they sent gifts, formula checks, clothes, you name it. Through all of this, the Liz Logelin Foundation was formed.

So... where does the Tupperware fit in? In honor of Maddy's 1st birthday on March 24, I am going to donate the profit of any Tupperware purchased on my website on March 24th and 25th to the Liz Logelin Foundation.

For the next week, I'm trying to get the word out. Tupperware has some great sales right now, and a lot of useful products. If you have any questions about any of the items you see on the website, just ask me! Let's all work together to raise a lot of money for this wonderful cause.

How can you help?
  • Make a Purchase- Orders can be paid online with your credit card and shipped directly to your house.  I will receive no commission off of these orders, as all of that profit will be donated to the foundation.
  • Spread the word - Tell your friends, change your Facebook status, send out a Tweet.
If you don't want to purchase any Tupperware, but you are moved by Matt's incredible story (and if you have a heart, you should be)  please consider making a donation to the foundation directly.

the liz logelin foundationBuy Tupperware

Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Review -- "Stupid About Men" by Deborah Dunn

Once upon a time, I joined Twitter, not looking for anything in particular. What I found was so much more. Somehow (and my memory fails me as to how exactly) I found Deborah Dunn (@deborahdunn). She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here in NC. As I began to follow her updates, I quickly learned that she had just published a new book, titled "Stupid About Men: 10 Rules for Getting Romance Right," that was set to be released on February 3. Right away, I was interested, because let's face it, my track record with guys has been less than stellar. I then followed the Twitter account that she had set up for the book launch (@stupidaboutmen) and waited for the day that the book was available for order on Amazon. On the day that it was released, I ordered it, and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Once it arrived, I wanted to start reading it right away, and hoped to get through it very quickly. Once I started reading, however, I realized that this wasn't just one of those books that you fly through. Even though the book is written in a somewhat light hearted style, the subject matter lends it self to actually thinking about what you have read, and letting it sink in. If you truly want to let this book help you, I recommend going through it slowly and reflecting on which characteristics of women who are Stupid About Men you possess.

Each chapter is based upon a classic fairy tale character, and focuses on a "rule" that we can learn from the the character. At the beginning of each chapter is an excerpt from the classic fairy tale. To me, this was a brilliant concept. If provides a concrete example (fairy tale characters that we all know) to explain what we, as women, have been doing "wrong" for so long. Every girl dreams of having a fairy tale romance, but Dunn shows us just how misconstrued our ideas of romance and relationships have been all these years.

Not only does the book show you the problems that women have with relationships, but it gives you tips and ideas on how to correct those issues. This book is really about equipping women with the tools they need to not only better themselves, but to be successful in relationships with men. Just because the title has the word "Stupid" in it, does not mean that Dunn is implying that women are stupid. She is simply saying that when it comes to men, a lot of us have made some really stupid decisions, and we just need to understand why we keep making them. I have really taken the things that I read in this book to heart. A lot of the changes that I have recently decided to make in my life were prompted by reading this book.

One of the things that I really appreciated about this book is that although the author is a Christian, and the book is published by Howard Books, the Christian division of Simon and Schuster, the book is not pushy on religion. There are several mentions of God, and the relationship that one forms with him, but the books does not take a "force God down your throat" approach.

I am really glad that I found Deborah Dunn online, and even more glad that I decided to read her book. A lot of women would benefit from reading it, whether you are single or in a relationship. Somewhere inside of most of us is a girl that is Stupid About Men. Whether we are a Cinderella, a Snow White, or a Repunzel, or even a combination of several of the characters, this book will be of great help in your journey to "getting" men. I know for me, personally, reading it was the first step to finding my "happily ever after"

Friday, March 13, 2009

I've got answers...

Well, there wasn't a huge response to the questions thing... but I didn't expect much haha. However, the questions that were asked, really made me think... and honestly, for a few of them, I do not have definitive answers. Only 1 comment was left here on the blog, and one on Facebook.

So here they are... The ansewrs to the questions that you asked.

From Lindsay:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world for the rest of your life, where & why?

This is really a tough question, and one that I have been dealing a lot with lately. For my entire life, I have been in one county. I have a burning desire to leave this town, but I have no idea where I want to end up. There are so many places that I want to visit, and so many things that I want to see. If you had asked me this question a few years back, the answer would have been Pitt County... as that is all that I have ever known. I just have a different view of this place, and the world in general now. I know that doesn't really answer the question, but its the best I have at this point in time :)

2. What is your favorite animal and why?

Honeslty, I have never been an animal person. This is probably strange, as I basically grew up on a farm with a lot of different animals. Whenever I've had to answer this question, I've always just said "Fish." I don't know why I picked fish, I just did. If I had to pick one now, I'd probably say butterflies. They are beautiful, and seem to just flutter around without care.

3. Talking or Texting? Which do you prefer & why?

I spend a lot of time doing both! I think it truly depends on the situation and the person. There are some people that I really don't want to talk to on the phone...I just text them. There are sometimes when a phone call isn't necessary if you can just start with the question and get a text back with the answer. It cuts through some of that "chit chat" that can be akward with some people! There are some people that I know don't text, or that I'd simply rather talk to. I'm not one to just sit on the phone for hours with someone though... I have to really like you! haha

From Melissa (on Facebook):

1. What is the absolutely best tv show you can't go without?

This changes from time to time. I started out big on the Desperate Housewives/Grey's Anatomy bandwagon, but during the Writers Srike of 2007-2008, I got off track with those shows, and I have never caught up. Lately, it has been The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family. When I saw this show for the first time, I thought it was kind of cheezy, but now, I haven't missed an episode. Every Monday night, I'm glued to the TV watching it. 90% of the time, the TV is on in my house just for noise.

2. What would you be doing right now if there was no such thing called internet?

Probably something productive! I waste too much time on the Internet! I'm trying to work on that, but its just so addicting! I guess if I had never been introduced to it, or it had never been invented, I would be doing something creative, like crafting. I probably would read a lot more, and watch a lot more TV. My house would probably be a lot neater, too.

3. What person/thing makes you so mad you turn into a monster? (figuratively)

It takes a whole lot for me to turn into a monster. I am normally a "chill" person... but I do have a lot of pet peeves that just tick me off. I won't list them here (that might be a future post). I can come off like a monster sometimes, but things have just stewed for a long time.

So there you have it. I have a few posts that I'm working on... so look for updates soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you have questions??

So I got this idea while reading Lindsay's xanga...

In the comments... leave any 3 questions that you would like to ask me... and then in the next post, I will answer them. Any question...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 100th Post!

I had a hard time coming up with something to write for my 100th blog post. I wanted it to be something that dealt with the number 100, but let’s face it; a list of 100 of anything does get kinda boring. So, this is post 100, and it is exactly 100 words. Blogging is a release for me. It helps me get my thoughts out, and its fun to go back and read later. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, and for the ones that comment. I hope that you find something here that is interesting to you…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Rewind

At the end of January, I started something new here on the blog... The monthly Rewind. This is where I will summarize the previous month, and the highlights and lowlights of the previous 4 or so weeks. So here is my February Rewind...

I can't believe that 2 months have already passed in the new year. It seems like this year is passing even more quickly than the last. February started off with me dealing with a lot of things, which lead me to make a very hard decision to "re-create" myself. A journey that was very hard to start, and even harder to stay on track with. So far, I'm doing ok with all of it, but it is really a lot harder than a lot of people understand.

On a lighter note, I finally broke down and got a BlackBerry! I am in love with it and I am so addicted. I love being able to get my email instantly, search the web whenever I need to and most importantly, take advantage of a full QWERTY keyboard! I also switched my service to Verizon, and so far so good.

In February, I also decided that its time to start working out again. So far, that has been going ok. Last week was crazy busy, so I didn't make my 3 times, but I'll get there.

Valentine's day came and went almost unnoticed. Stephy's hubby had to work, so we went to eat Mexican. It was yummy. I did get these flowers from my parents.

Tupperware was great this month! I had 2 home shows and a catalog party. Sales were a little over $1000. And, I got a recruit! Now, if 2 more people sign up under me, then I will step up to Manager. That will mean more money for me! Tupperware had some great deals, and some of them are continuing into March. Having great promotions and great products, it makes it really easy to do my job!

That's pretty much it for now... this is post 99... so I'm trying to figure out something special for my 100th blog post. Still thinking about that one.

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