Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vera Bradley... Purple Punch

It is no secret that my favorite color is purple. (Just take a look at my blog) I love it in any shade and on almost anything. Its very fitting that ECU's colors are Purple and Gold. Another one of my favorite things is Vera Bradley. I love their bags, how they are constructed and that they are durable.

Mix Purple and Vera together, and I'm in trouble. Here is the newest item on my wishlist.

Vera Bradley Purple Punch

I love the pattern. Its so bright and cheery. Its been a long time since VB has had a purple pattern (the retired Picadilly Plum, which is hard to find). I want to add to my Vera Collection. Too bad I don't have tons of spending money right now.

My birthday is in May, so maybe I will be asking for some VB, or at least use the birthday cash on a new bag or two! At least since this is a new color, I have 2 years to get as much of it as I want, since Vera patterns are only available for 2 years, and then they retire.

So... if you are wanting to give me a gift anytime soon, lol... you now know what I am longing to have.


  1. OMG...purple is MY fave color, too. I was wondering how to spend my b-day money and now I think I know.


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