Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Rewind

February already? Seems like it was just New Year's! Anywho... I never did my 2008 in Review post, because quite frankly, 2008 was just a lot of boring for me... with a few highlights thrown in, but those things were already blogged about, so I didn't feel the need to beat a dead horse, so to speak. I really tried... I did... I would start typing, and then read what I wrote, and it just didn't sound right... so I did what is the Internet equivalent of balling it up and tossing it in the trash... I just deleted it.

So... what I have decided to do (and have seen on a few other blogs) is to recap each month... hitting the highlights, and yes, even the low lights of the past 4 or so weeks. So here is the first installment for 2009... January Rewind...

January started off, much like December ended... lonely and boring. Actually, at the stroke of midnight on New Year's, I was scrambling eggs... about 8 dozen of them. It was for the big breakfast that they have at church. I can honestly say, that is something that I had never done. The first week, I was still out of work, so that gave me a little free time to do things that I had not gotten around to in the other 2 weeks that I was off... like hang out with some extended family and go to Greensboro. It was nice to see some people that I hadn't seen in a while.

Once I did return to work, I was only working half days. Business was a little slow, and of course everyone is doing cut backs. This made me very worried, not only about having less money, but also, working part time, I would be in jeopardy of losing my benefits, and honestly, benefits is the only reason that I am working here. Luckily, about 2 weeks ago, my boss came to me and said that a person in another department had given their 2 weeks notices, and she thought I would be great for the position. Not only did this mean more hours, but it was a change, and I was really needing some change in my job. So, I finished up things that I was working on in Catering and headed over to become the new Production Assistant for one of the Dining Halls on campus. What that basically means, is that I deal with a lot of numbers... inventory counts, invoices, food costs, menus... So far, I love it. I'm also still working some in Catering, handling their inventory and invoices.

Another really exciting thing that happened in January was SNOW! That is something that you don't see every often around these parts. Although, living by yourself in a townhouse makes snow less exciting than when you live on a farm with toys like 4 wheelers... After it was all over, we got around 5 - 6 inches. Now for some of you, that's nothing... but here... its enough to shut everything down for a couple of days. Here's some pics... and a video!

January 25 marked 2 years since I called off the engagement... and surprisingly, it wasn't that big of a deal... Despite the fact, that Will decided to text me that day and say he wanted to be friends... but that's a whole other post in itself.

I ended January with a great Tupperware party... I had good sales, and got a lot of leads. This makes me happy to see what Tupperware is going to be like for me going forward.

Well this is getting kind of long for a summary, lol... Hope everyone had a great January!

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