Thursday, February 5, 2009

Book Review -- "Conversations with the Fat Girl" by Liza Palmer

I started looking around for different books on Amazon, because I want to start reading more, but I was only reading one author, and I wanted to branch out a little bit.  When I came across this book, the Title alone caught my attention.  Then, when I read the reviews, I thought that it would be a great book, so I decided to order it. 
From Publishers Weekly
Palmer debuts with the latest sprightly entry in the ever-expanding category of light romantic comedies starring plus-sized heroines. Maggie has been best friends with fellow fat girl Olivia since they were 12. Following gastric bypass surgery at 22, however, Olivia grows increasingly unrecognizable. Now 27, she's engaged to Adam, a fat-phobic Ken doll, and although Maggie is to be the maid of honor, she feels less and less a part of Olivia's skinny new life. After Olivia disappoints her old friend again and again, Maggie sets in motion a long-overdue and explosive confrontation and walks into the arms of the colleague—busboy to her barista—whom she's had a crush on for ages. By that time, in true chick-lit style, Maggie is both earnestly at work improving herself and being loved for her true, unimproved self. And though Palmer doesn't moralize, it's when Maggie starts to make her own, more realistic wishes come true—by taking a better job and signing up with a trainer instead of a surgeon—that she sees her love requited. It turns out her instincts were good—as are Palmer's. 
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Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.  It only took me about a week to read it.  I loved Palmer's writing.  I could visualize everything that was going on, and to me, that is the best reading.  Although the book was fiction, the topics that it tackled were totally real, and I related to Maggie, the main character in more ways than one.

Every girl who is overweight, has the same internal conversations that Maggie has in this book. The insecurities about a certain "area" and the uncertainty surrounding a possible relationship are all things that we "fat girls" struggle with. However, one of the main topics in the book is the relationship between Olivia and Maggie, and how over time, friendships change, and sometimes, they fall apart. Having gone through a similar situation with a very close friend not that long ago, I knew exactly how Maggie was feeling.

So many things about this story could have been me... just replace "Maggie" with "Crystal" and it would have worked. It was all too real to me. The best books to me are the ones that make you laugh, make you think, make you cry... send you through the whole gamut of emotions... and this book definitely did that. 

I was a little disappointed with the ending, because I wasnted more.  Its almost like the stroy just stopped... I needed another chapter or something.  There have been rumors that HBO is going to pick this up as a series.  That would be awesome.  I think that it would make a good movie too.

I'd highly reccomend this book.  I'm looking forward to reading Liza's 2nd book "Seeing Me Naked."

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