Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is Twitter?

This is a question that I am asked on almost a daily basis. According to Twitter:
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

However, since gaining popularity, Twitter has become so much more than a way to answer "What are you doing?" While that is still the basic concept, it is about connections... with the people that you know, or the ones that you want to get to know.

Twitter is another social networking site, so it is in the same category as Myspace and Facebook. However, its purpose is different. Twitter allows you to update what you are doing, share a link to something interesting that you are reading, and connect with the people who share the same interests as you, all with just 140 characters at a time. Because the number of characters are limited, Twitter is a Micro-Blogging site.

What you decide to do with your updates, and the 140 characters allowed for each one, is totally up to you. There are some people who update once or twice a day, and then there are people (like me) who are closer to 10 tweets a day, and for others, they live on Twitter. It is all about finding out what works for you. What do you want Twitter to do for you, your company, your product? Here is a link to an article that describes different agendas for Twitter users.

For me, I joined Twitter blindly. I had no idea what it was, or what I was going to do with it. I saw it on @derekbrown's Facebook page, and decided to see what it was all about. Within the last 6 months, I have done over 1500 updates (or tweets). They have been a whole variety of things... from what I am doing at the moment, to how I am feeling that particular day, or articles that I found interesting. I have also used it some to promote Tupperware. As random as this blog is, my tweets are even more random.

I have connected with people in Greenville, and have started going to Tweetups. I have connected with other Tupperware consultants. I even found @deborahdunn, who wrote a book (which I am currently reading) @stupidaboutmen, that has already impacted, and will continue to impact my life. (Look for more about that later)

So, for all the people out there who think Twitter is just about people with too much time on their hands making updates about their boring lives... wrong. In today's world, everything is about connections and Twitter makes networking easy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I want to be a Loser...

So, in this whole process of "reinventing" myself, as I like to call it... I have decided that I seriously need to hunker down and lose some weight.

This has been an issue that I have struggled with my entire life. For as long as I can remember, I have been fat. And although I have always been fat, I have had a love - hate relationship with the way that I felt about being fat. Sometimes I would feel like crap, and feel sorry for myself that I was always the "fat chick" and other times, I would be completely comfortable in my body, and let myself believe that it was ok to be fat because I wasn't unhealthy... just overweight.

Now, is one of those times when I don't want to be fat. Before, when I felt this way, I would make up my mind to do something about it... but I would always have very lofty goals... like "I want to lose 100 lbs!" And then, when I felt like I was working hard, and those results didn't come, I'd give up. I've now come to realize that not everyone is going to drop pounds every week in the double digits like some of the contestants on The Biggest Loser. That just isn't reality for a lot of people. Those contestants are losing weight like its their job... because it is... that's all they do while they are on the ranch... eat right and work out.

This time around, I have made up my mind that I am going to set smaller, more attainable goals, and work really hard to meet them. This week, my sister, one of her co-workers, and I started going to Curves. Steph and I have been before, but after we moved, we stopped going. I really like the atmosphere of Curves, because it is all women, and there are ladies there who have a lot of weight to lose, along with ones who are just trying to maintain. Everyone is supportive, and the workout is mentally "easy." I mean, the workout is planned for you, and you can feel each machine working as you are working out.

Curves suggests that you go 3 times a week and workout for at least 30 minutes each visit. I have been 2 days this week, and I'm going in the morning, so that will be my 3 times. They have also started this new "Smart" system that keeps track of how much you are actually working out on each machine and pushes you so that you burn more calories. It customizes the workout for you. We will start that part next week.

I'll be keeping track of how much weight I lose here. My first goal is to lose 25 pounds, and stick to the workout 3 times a week. Maybe keeping up with it here on the blog will be another form of accountability. I've signed up for a year at Curves, so maybe this will actually be the start of a lasting change. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vera Bradley... Purple Punch

It is no secret that my favorite color is purple. (Just take a look at my blog) I love it in any shade and on almost anything. Its very fitting that ECU's colors are Purple and Gold. Another one of my favorite things is Vera Bradley. I love their bags, how they are constructed and that they are durable.

Mix Purple and Vera together, and I'm in trouble. Here is the newest item on my wishlist.

Vera Bradley Purple Punch

I love the pattern. Its so bright and cheery. Its been a long time since VB has had a purple pattern (the retired Picadilly Plum, which is hard to find). I want to add to my Vera Collection. Too bad I don't have tons of spending money right now.

My birthday is in May, so maybe I will be asking for some VB, or at least use the birthday cash on a new bag or two! At least since this is a new color, I have 2 years to get as much of it as I want, since Vera patterns are only available for 2 years, and then they retire.

So... if you are wanting to give me a gift anytime soon, lol... you now know what I am longing to have.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"How Do You Leave the Past Behind..."

"...When it keeps finding ways to get to your heart. It reaches way down deep and tears you inside out 'til you're torn apart"

A lyric from one of my favorite Musicals... "RENT" to describe how these past few weeks have been. Sometimes no matter how much we try to leave the past behind, it keeps coming up and screwing with our heads, our hearts and our emotions.

I mentioned in my January Rewind that Will contacted me right at the end of January, on ironically, the 2 year anniversary of the date that I called off the engagement. He texted me and wanted to be "friends." Of course, he didn't understand why I would have a problem with this.

He didn't have a whole lot to say at first. I finally allowed him to call last week after he kept saying that he needed to explain something, but that it was too much to text. I guess I thought that maybe he had grown up a little... that now that he has a daughter that maybe he realized how badly he had treated women, and maybe he felt bad about that. I don't know...

But, when he called, he didn't really have anything to explain. He just acted as if after 2 years we could pick up where we left of, and be friends. He expected us to have a normal, friendly conversation, as if nothing had happened between us. Throughout the entire 23 minute phone conversation, I didn't say a whole lot at all. He told me that I was being quiet... duh! What did he expect? Me to be completely fine with the fact that the person who has caused me the most pain I've ever felt in my life was on the phone talking about how great his life was? Right...

And that's what he did... he talked about how happy he was since he got married and had a child. He proceeded to tell me how his wife gave natural childbirth... with no drugs and how they now live in South Carolina, on a lake. Then he asked the question that pissed me off the most... "So... when are you getting married?" WHAT??

That night, I cried, not because I missed him, not because I was sad, not even because I was thinking about how things should have been... but because I was ANGRY. I was angry because I allowed myself to be subjected to that again... I was angry that he doesn't have a freaking clue... Angry that I ever let him use me and disrespect me in the way that he did.

When we hung up, he wanted to call me later... However, the next day, I sent him a text that said "Don't ever call me again... don't ever text me again... Just forget that I ever existed." And so far, he has listened. That same day, I made another big decision. It is time to stop getting walked over by guys. Its time to own up to the fact that I let guys run over me. Every time I say "yes" and then feel bad about it later, is another time that I'm enabling guys to take advantage of me and to disrespect me.

You have no idea how hard it was to have conversations with people where I was basically cutting them out of my life. But, I knew that it was what I needed to do. Following through, and saying "no" all of the time is going to be even harder, but I have to show myself that I can do this. So far, I've been successful, and by "so far," I mean the past week.

Its going to be a long journey to Self Respect and being "Ok" with being single right now. I'm really hoping that something great will come out of all of this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mama's Birthday

So yesterday was my Mama's birthday. I really think that Birthdays should be something special. I'm not saying that you have to go all out and make every birthday huge, but every birthday should be memorable. Something should always be done to celebrate the day that you entered the world, whether big or small.

So for Mama's Birthday, me and Steph decided to surprise her. We took her lunch from Bojangles (one of her favorites) and a cake.  I ordered the cake from the bakery at work, and made sure to get one big enough so that all of her students could eat some too.  Here's a pic. 
Everyone talked about how pretty it was and it was really good too! Mama was really surprised when she saw me and Steph walk into the Cafeteria with lunch and a big cake.  The kids were really excited too that they were going to eat cake.   They had all made her birthday cards (which were hilarious) so they were excited about her birthday too. 

Part 2 of our Surprise came later.  Once we left school, we went to Mama's house and put in a new pantry cabinet and then organized it all.  She never had a cabinet per se... it was just a cart that stuff was piled on.  But now, she's got a nice tall cabinet that is organized with none other than Tupperware Modular Mates.

She didn't know that we were even going to her house.  So she was surprised that we were even there... then she saw that cabinet that we had decorated with balloons.  

I think she really liked it.  

Then that night, we all went out to eat at Logan's.  Overall, it was a good day. I hope we made Mama's Birthday memorable! 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Book Review -- "Conversations with the Fat Girl" by Liza Palmer

I started looking around for different books on Amazon, because I want to start reading more, but I was only reading one author, and I wanted to branch out a little bit.  When I came across this book, the Title alone caught my attention.  Then, when I read the reviews, I thought that it would be a great book, so I decided to order it. 
From Publishers Weekly
Palmer debuts with the latest sprightly entry in the ever-expanding category of light romantic comedies starring plus-sized heroines. Maggie has been best friends with fellow fat girl Olivia since they were 12. Following gastric bypass surgery at 22, however, Olivia grows increasingly unrecognizable. Now 27, she's engaged to Adam, a fat-phobic Ken doll, and although Maggie is to be the maid of honor, she feels less and less a part of Olivia's skinny new life. After Olivia disappoints her old friend again and again, Maggie sets in motion a long-overdue and explosive confrontation and walks into the arms of the colleague—busboy to her barista—whom she's had a crush on for ages. By that time, in true chick-lit style, Maggie is both earnestly at work improving herself and being loved for her true, unimproved self. And though Palmer doesn't moralize, it's when Maggie starts to make her own, more realistic wishes come true—by taking a better job and signing up with a trainer instead of a surgeon—that she sees her love requited. It turns out her instincts were good—as are Palmer's. 
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 
Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.  It only took me about a week to read it.  I loved Palmer's writing.  I could visualize everything that was going on, and to me, that is the best reading.  Although the book was fiction, the topics that it tackled were totally real, and I related to Maggie, the main character in more ways than one.

Every girl who is overweight, has the same internal conversations that Maggie has in this book. The insecurities about a certain "area" and the uncertainty surrounding a possible relationship are all things that we "fat girls" struggle with. However, one of the main topics in the book is the relationship between Olivia and Maggie, and how over time, friendships change, and sometimes, they fall apart. Having gone through a similar situation with a very close friend not that long ago, I knew exactly how Maggie was feeling.

So many things about this story could have been me... just replace "Maggie" with "Crystal" and it would have worked. It was all too real to me. The best books to me are the ones that make you laugh, make you think, make you cry... send you through the whole gamut of emotions... and this book definitely did that. 

I was a little disappointed with the ending, because I wasnted more.  Its almost like the stroy just stopped... I needed another chapter or something.  There have been rumors that HBO is going to pick this up as a series.  That would be awesome.  I think that it would make a good movie too.

I'd highly reccomend this book.  I'm looking forward to reading Liza's 2nd book "Seeing Me Naked."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A new look!

Take a look at the new layout and design of the blog and let me know what you think!  For the past few months, I was changing the layout to be rather seasonal.  As I looked for a Valentine's Day layout, I realized that I spend way too much time updating the look of the blog, and not writing actual posts... so I decided to come up with a format that I could keep for a while. 

I had really been interested in 3 column layouts for a while now... I think that you can fit more things in the space, so that so much space isn't wasted.  I was really excited when I found this website that I got the template from.  They have a good selection, and you can still customize them. 

I've also added some things like the list of blogs that I read... the book that I'm currently reading and links to my Tupperware website.  I think that the overall look of this is more pleasing... to me anyway...  You will also notice that the front page is not as long with all of my long posts there.  I have added the "Read more... " feature so that longer posts (and we all know I can be long winded) are broken up... it just looks better on the front page. 

So gone are my days of using TCBOTB to find backgrounds and then making coordinating headers.  Even though they do have some really cute stuff... I think I'll stick with this for now... 

Let me know what you like/don't like as I will continue to tweak this over the next few days to get it perfect! :) 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Rewind

February already? Seems like it was just New Year's! Anywho... I never did my 2008 in Review post, because quite frankly, 2008 was just a lot of boring for me... with a few highlights thrown in, but those things were already blogged about, so I didn't feel the need to beat a dead horse, so to speak. I really tried... I did... I would start typing, and then read what I wrote, and it just didn't sound right... so I did what is the Internet equivalent of balling it up and tossing it in the trash... I just deleted it.

So... what I have decided to do (and have seen on a few other blogs) is to recap each month... hitting the highlights, and yes, even the low lights of the past 4 or so weeks. So here is the first installment for 2009... January Rewind...

January started off, much like December ended... lonely and boring. Actually, at the stroke of midnight on New Year's, I was scrambling eggs... about 8 dozen of them. It was for the big breakfast that they have at church. I can honestly say, that is something that I had never done. The first week, I was still out of work, so that gave me a little free time to do things that I had not gotten around to in the other 2 weeks that I was off... like hang out with some extended family and go to Greensboro. It was nice to see some people that I hadn't seen in a while.

Once I did return to work, I was only working half days. Business was a little slow, and of course everyone is doing cut backs. This made me very worried, not only about having less money, but also, working part time, I would be in jeopardy of losing my benefits, and honestly, benefits is the only reason that I am working here. Luckily, about 2 weeks ago, my boss came to me and said that a person in another department had given their 2 weeks notices, and she thought I would be great for the position. Not only did this mean more hours, but it was a change, and I was really needing some change in my job. So, I finished up things that I was working on in Catering and headed over to become the new Production Assistant for one of the Dining Halls on campus. What that basically means, is that I deal with a lot of numbers... inventory counts, invoices, food costs, menus... So far, I love it. I'm also still working some in Catering, handling their inventory and invoices.

Another really exciting thing that happened in January was SNOW! That is something that you don't see every often around these parts. Although, living by yourself in a townhouse makes snow less exciting than when you live on a farm with toys like 4 wheelers... After it was all over, we got around 5 - 6 inches. Now for some of you, that's nothing... but here... its enough to shut everything down for a couple of days. Here's some pics... and a video!

January 25 marked 2 years since I called off the engagement... and surprisingly, it wasn't that big of a deal... Despite the fact, that Will decided to text me that day and say he wanted to be friends... but that's a whole other post in itself.

I ended January with a great Tupperware party... I had good sales, and got a lot of leads. This makes me happy to see what Tupperware is going to be like for me going forward.

Well this is getting kind of long for a summary, lol... Hope everyone had a great January!

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