Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Moment of Clarity

Let me paint a picture for you... 

A young couple, probably in their mid to late twenties... with 3 small children, none of which was probably over the age of 5, go to Walmart to do some shopping.  Of course, since it is the Holiday season, the store is packed beyond belief.  Two of their children are in the cart, and the third is wondering around near them... touching stuff and asking questions about everything in sight.  The couple is looking at the telephones in the electronics section of the store.  This is how the conversation went... keep in mind that I was not eavesdropping... they were talking so loudly, that anyone around them could hear... 

Man:  Gosh, I thought that these would be cheaper than this! 
Woman:  Well, we need a phone... 
Man:  Well which one do you want? 
Woman:  How about this one? (Picks up a very simple cordless phone)
Man:   It's $14... do you really want this one?  What about this one? (Pointing to a corded phone) It's only $9!
Woman: (obviously perturbed) I don't want that one... I'd have to sit right beside the computer to talk on the phone! I don't want to do that... I want a cordless one!
Man: Well, we can just put a longer cord on it... 
Woman:  (fuming at this point) No!  I want a cordless one... Oohh.. look at this one... its $30, but you get two phones with it. 
Man: What the Hell are we going to do with two phones?  Do you just want to wait?  They might go on sale after Christmas.  
Woman: No!! I'm not waiting, we are getting one today. We'll get this one... (throws the $14 phone in the cart)

As they walked off, I heard the woman say "You always have to be so tight!  Its not even your money we are spending... we have gift cards!" As I stood there listening to them loudly argue in the middle of a public place, something seemed familiar about the whole situation.  And in that moment, that very moment, it was Crystal clear... 

That is what life would have been like for me if I had stayed with my ex-fiance.  The whole situation... from being young and married, with children that resembled stair-steps, the arguing over spending money, all of it would have been the same for me.  Standing in Walmart, for the first time in a long time, I felt at peace about calling off the engagement.  I knew that I did not want that to be my future.  

Right now, I definitely needed to encounter that couple in Walmart. 

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  1. I'm glad you had that moment then. Sometimes it's odd when peace hits, and how it hits. I hope you have a great Christmas Crystal! :)


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