Friday, November 28, 2008

Some other things I asked for...

This seems really like I'm asking for a lot, since I have now, 3 posts with Wish List items for Christmas... but everyone keeps asking what I want.. and I have a hard time coming up with things, until I really start thinking about things I could use.  Tonight, I rambled off some things to Mama, some big, some little... I gave her some suggestions, so if she was asked, she would know what to tell people I wanted.  I know I won't get everything, but it never hurts to ask right?!  I was going to be all fancy like on my first post, but I'm being lazy right now, so all you are going to get is a list... no links or pics... 

  • A new TV.  - Mine is old and small.  I want a new one, but I know they are expensive. 
  • A small crock pot.  White, please. 
  • A blender.  Again, white, please. 
  • Scrapbook storage cubes.  These are the white blocks that you can find at Michael's that have slots for scrapbook paper and supplies.  Some have drawers.  I need a mixture of the styles they have. 
  • Socks.  Cute ones, that come above your ankle... the other ones slip down on my feet. 
  • A cute apron. Black and white or red.
  • Work Shoes... the ones I have are getting worn out from being worn everyday... and they need replaced.  I currently have a pair of Sketchers work shoes, but I really want a pair of these Crocs.
  • I mentioned clothes for work in the previous post.... I really need black pants.
  • Another set of sheets.  Black or White
  • Some good cookbooks
  • A simple point and shoot digital camera
  • Dishes, white or red
  • Anything monogramed with my name or initals... 

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